Ned Nwoko Regina Husband Playfully Tags Her Dress Mid Age W0man, Sparks Hilarious Reactions Online (Must Read)

Ned Nwoko Regina Husband
gina dan

Ned Nwoko Regina Husband Playfully saying his wife’s dress is for mid-aged women,  a lot of fans have been reacting online as the grandpa gushes over his lovely, sweet 16 wife.

After her husband Ned Nwoko made fun of Regina Daniels’ costume at an event, she asked her admirers to validate it online. “I like that you know how to dress up according to where you are and the people you are with,” one fan commented. Regina Daniels received praise for the ensemble.

Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels and her husband Ned Nwoko attended an event recently wearing similar outfits. Although they both looked amazing, the billionaire businessman thought his wife’s dress was too young for her.

Daniels shared their thoughts on Instagram, receiving a lot of positive feedback from fans who were swooning over the couple.

Following his remarks on the attire she wore to an event, Nollywood actress Regina Daniels and her politician husband, Ned Nwoko stirred up discussion on social media.Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

Both Regina and her spouse, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member, were dressed in matching red and white ensembles. Regina, a 23-year-old mother of two, accessorised her white striped dress with a red shoe and necklace, while Ned wore black slippers, a white shirt, white pants and a red cap. Ned thought Regina’s ensemble gave her a middle-aged appearance.

Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

Both of them were greeted by their host and other guests with a warm welcome. Regina posted a video of their outing on Instagram with the caption:Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

“A beautiful time at the 27th marriage anniversary of our party chairman. Btw, rate my outfit guys! My husband said it made me look like a mid aged woman in a young girl’s body especially with the wig. So true or false? Because from the wig, to the dress….Jewellries and shoes were sourced from mama’s closet #Nneamaka.”



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keep reading and watching his his video as he wash plate with his tongue in check

In the video which is fast going viral, the pastor is seen doing some tongue exercise on tonga and it is very clear that the woman isn’t his wife.

This has garnered some comments from social media users and the astonishing part of the whole thing is that at a point, he looked into the camera which really shows he knew he was been recorded.    Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

Well, for the video we can’t post it here because it goes against our policy, but hey we are pretty sure a friend or colleague might send it to you very soon.

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Due to our websites policies we cannot publish the video here but you can get it online on other platforms.

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Freeze has reacted to the alleged sex tape of Pastor David Wilson of Bible Way Ministries & World Outreach Inc. located at Texarkana, Texas that’s gone viral on social media.

Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

The Pastor was spotted in the viral video performing a s3x act on a lady that appears not to be his wife.

At some point, he took a brief look up to the camera which meant he knew he was being recorded.

Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

In his reaction, controversial Nigerian OAP Daddy Freeze said, ‘Pastor Wilson’s case can never be “he manipulated me”, after that video, female church members would be more than willing’.    Ned Nwoko Regina Husband

90% of women, after bashing him for the immorality in the video, will look at their husbands and say: “Hmmm, see yasef”.

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