Everything You Need To know About Nollywood Actress Chacha Eke, Her Life Style, Those She Have Beef With and Her Networth

Popular Actress Chacha Eke

Charity Eke, popularly known as Chacha Eke Faani, is a Delta State-based Nigerian actress. She rose to fame when she starred in the 2012 drama film, The End is Near.

Eke was born in Ebonyi State, South Eastern Nigeria, to a middle-class family. Eke is the daughter of Ebonyi State Commissioner for Education, Professor John Eke.

She had her basic education at ESUT Nursery & Primary School in Ebonyi State, and completed her secondary school education at Our Lord Shepherd International School in Enugu.

She graduated from Ebonyi State University with a B.Sc degree in accountancy.

She was born on May 1, 1993 in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

In 2013, Eke got married to Austin Faani, a movie director. The couple is blessed with two girls: Kamara Faani and Kaira Faani.

Chacha Eke with her children and husband

The following is a list of selected films in which the actress appears:

The End is Near
Commander in Chief
Clap of Thunder
Two Hearts
Beach 24
Gift of Pain
A Cry for Justice
Jewels of the Sun
Bloody Carnival
Dance For The Prince
Mirror of Life
Innocent Pain
Bridge of Contract
Palace of Sorrow
Secret Assassins
Royal Assassins
The Promise
Valley of Tears
Village Love
Weeping Angel
Rosa my Village Love
My Rising Sun
My Sweet Love
Secret Palace Mission
Stubborn Beans
Bitter Heart
Shame to Bad People
Beauty of the gods
Pure Heart
Rope of Blood
Hand of Destiny
Sound of Ikoro
Bread of Sorrow
Basket of Sorrow
Festival of Sorrow
Kamsi the Freedom Fighter
Pot of Riches
Girls at War
Crossing the Battle Line
Money Works With Blood
Happy Never After
Who Took My Husband
Roasted Alive
Song of Love
Royal First lady
Beyond Beauty
After the Altar
Bloody Campus
Princess’s Revenge

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