Finally BBC Reveals The Poor People Nigerian Government Pays N5000 Every Month (Photos)

national social safety nets project

BBC Pidgin don cari eye see say true-true, Nigeria goment dey pay five thousand naira pocket money to pipo wey poor well-well for di kontri.

Under di Conditional Cash Transfer policy of di President Muhammadu Buhari goment, dem tok say dem dey pay N5000 to pipo wey poor well-well for some states for Nigeria.

BBC Pidgin waka go Ifitedunu village for Dunukofia Local Goment Area of Anambra State, southeast Nigeria wia officials of di National Cash Transfer Office dey waka around di village.

How much Abacha money Nigeria don collect sef?
Wey di poor pipo Nigeria wan share Abacha $320m give?

According to dem, dem dey conduct re-enrolment as di first one dem do no include some pipo.

Na National Social Safety-Nets Coordinating Office dey dey pipo name and di National Cash Transfer Office dey pay

Pipo wey dey collect di money for di community tell BBC Pidgin say dem don dey collect am reach five to six months now. According to dem, na evri two months dem dey come give dem 10,000.

Wen we follow dem tok, all of dem say di 5k goment dey give no dey reach dem anywia, say na 20k for make sense.

Pipo bin doubt weda goment dey pay di money sef
Many pipo including di main opposition People’s Democratic Party don tok before say di whole tin na wayo, say goment no dey pay di money.

As e be so, no be evri state for Nigeria dem don enta to pay di N5000 to ‘poorest of di poor’.

Na National Social Safety-Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO) dey go round dey put pipo name for di list, while di National Cash Transfer Office dey pay.

Wetin be National Social Safety Nets Project
Conditional Cash transfer officer
Image example

Dis na project wey World Bank dey do to helep kontris organise demsef so dat pipo wey poor pass for di kontri no go continue to suffer.

World Bank suppose make sure mago-mago no dey for di cash1 cash2

Rachid Benmessaoud, wey bi World Bank Country Director for Nigeria say: “wetin important pass now na to set up electronic national registry of poor families, wit ogbonge method to take target di pipo wey need am pass.”

Abacha tiff-money

Recently, Nigeria bin sign agreement with Switzerland wey go allow di last $321m wey dem say family of former military ruler Sani Abacha tiff put dia, to return to di West African kontri.

Di agreement be say Nigeria goment go use dis ‘Abacha loot’ as part of di National Social Safety Nets Project wey go give poor Nigerian pipo N5,000 evri month.

But as e be so, di Abacha money neva enta di payment for di Conditional Cash Transfer programme. Na di one wey dey budget dem use dey pay.

Moni wey remain

Transparency International bin calculate say e reach $2-5bn wey late military dictator Gen Sani Abacha tiff.
Former head of State, Gen Abdulsalam Abubakar, manage to recover $750m cash for different currency from Abacha family.
Switzerland return $64m.
President Obasanjo do deal wit Abacha family so Nigeria go fit recover $1.2bn
$160 million wey dem bring back from Jersey. Nigeria authorities say na $149m dem receive.
$88m wey Switzerland return
$461.3m wey Switzerland return. Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and World Bank presido say dem don return di $458m wey dem see inside Swiss bank accounts.
$44.1m wey Switzerland return
Finance Ministry tok say Liechtenstein return $227m
Switzerland go return $320m
Wia e come from

Wia e come from

Transparency International, Nigeria goment, World Bank, Attorney General Report Jersey

Na five million poor pipo for Nigeria dem target to collect N5000 (dat na like $14) evri month, as part of di National Social Safety Nets project (NASSP).

On 4 December 2017, Federal Government of Nigeria, Swiss Federal Council and World Bank sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to allow World Bank to monitor how Nigeria go collect and spend di money.

Goment say dem go share di money give 300,000 poor families, say each family go get 14 dollars each.

How much Abacha money Nigeria don collect sef?
Abacha loot: How di moni take waka

Di money follow for di billions of money wey former military head of state General Sani Abach bin tiff wen im dey power between 1993 to 1998.

Tori be say Switzerland don return about $10billion to Nigeria since ten years.

Nobodi sabi how much di total of all di money wey Abacha dem say e steal but Transparency International bin tok say e reach $5.5billion for di five years wey im dey power.

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