Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike – You Will Forever Remain A Disgrace To Womanh00d, Bad Mother And A Big F00l

Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike, the Nollywood actress has thrown a jab at fellow Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh over her comment that her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill is a ‘Yahoo boy.’

Tonto Dikeh had been reported to have called her ex, an internet fraudster, claiming to have caught him in the act.

Funke Adesiyan however reacted to Tonto’s comments, going as far as labelling her a “disgracetowomanhood.”

Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

She wrote;

“Some partners are toxic. Their toxicity will destroy you, your core and existence. May God not let us fall victims of ” oloriburuku” partners. Amen!  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike


Don’t know why it is so difficult for her moving on.”

Meanwhile; Looking for Dubai UAE top 5 paying jobs and how you can apply as a Nigerian and from Nigeria? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest job offers in Dubai.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

Do you know that With thousands of job opportunities available anytime, anyday Dubai is certainly the place to be if you are a job hunter or simply looking for opportunities that will make you ultra-rich in a short span of time.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

Dubai was not the same place as it is today.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

Dubai, the rich emirate and the city that we see today are a direct result of hard work put in by several thousand locals and expatriates.

In this article, we have described the best-paid jobs in Dubai and the UAE.

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Today we profile the top Highest Paid Job Sectors in Dubai & UAE, So you know and apply

In Dubai, there are many business sectors that can pay you really well. It all depends on the experience level and skill sets you possess.

The more you have these in your favor; the higher are your chances of earning well and leading a comfortable life in Dubai.

Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

If you want to know more about the highest paying jobs in Dubai, here are some jobs that you can target if you are looking to earn smartly:

1. Sales Jobs

We all know that sales professionals make a lot of money everywhere in the World. You can get sales jobs in Dubai very easily and it does not matter if you have experience or not as long as you have sales skills.

There are different kinds of industries in Dubai where you can get these kinds of high paying jobs and become rich in days.

The real estate sector is on the top where you get some big deals to close with the highest commission and these things are possible only in sales jobs. The second industry is the automobile,  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

As you know Dubai is a tax-free zone and there are almost all car brands in Dubai. You can get cars at very less price in Dubai as compared to other countries that are the reason car sales and purchase is very fast over here.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

If you have automobile experience you can get some good commission by selling and buying cars.

Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

The average monthly salary of sales jobs in Dubai: AED 12,000 to AED 18,000

2. Medical & Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare is among those professions that get paid really well in Dubai like the rest of the world. Medical jobs in the UAE are available in both the public and the growing private sector.

There are a number of hospitals and medical centers in Dubai with the demand for doctors always on the high, it is not surprising to see them getting paid on the higher side.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

Here again, aspiring doctors can look forward to choosing between various career opportunities in Dubai, including vascular surgeons, neurologists, child specialists, dentists, nurses etc.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

If you are a specialist or consultant in the medical field, you can expect to earn even more. In order to get paid really well, doctors need to gain at least 5-6 years of experience.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

The average salary of doctors can range anywhere between AED 20,000 and AED 40,000 monthly.

3. Legal Jobs

Lawyers play a very important role in the normal functioning of every company, not just anywhere in the world but also in Dubai. To get hands opinions in legal matters, you need to hire no one else but lawyers. Therefore, if you are an aspiring lawyer, Dubai is a good place to be.  Funke Adesiyan Blasts Tontoh Dike

As a lawyer, you will be required to handle legal contractual issues and counsel all legal agreements and ensure that the company you are working for is free from all legal liabilities.   

For a lawyer with a minimum of 7-8 years experience in Dubai. Continue reading here

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