VIDEO: Churchill Fires Back At Tonto Dikeh For Saying She Got Preg;n@nt The First Time He Lasted 1 Minute In Bed (Read)

tonto dikeh ex husband fight dirty publicly

Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has torn her ex-husband apart by making some uncorroborated and devastating revelations about his s3xual life and employing black magic for ‘sakawa’.

According to the actress, who keeps fueling her divorce with Olakunle Churchill to be a nasty one, her ex-husband was also cheating on her during their marriage and that shocked her because she knows he was so weak in bed.

Speaking in an interview with Daddy Freeze, a Nigerian media personality, Tonto said she was surprised her then-husband could be having an extramarital affair because he never lasts more than 40 seconds in bed. “he can’t stay inside a woman for than more 40 seconds, my son was the longest s3x, 1 minute ” she said.

The mother of one also alleged that Mr Churchill is heavily into cyber fraud and he employs black magic and occultism to sway his victims online.

According to the actress, she realized this when she chanced on him, one midnight, with lit red candles around him and a red cloth wrapped around his waist whilst he was browsing on the internet in solitude.

Hear more from Tonto Dikeh in the full interview below and tell us what think.


2 Comments on VIDEO: Churchill Fires Back At Tonto Dikeh For Saying She Got Preg;n@nt The First Time He Lasted 1 Minute In Bed (Read)

  1. Tonto needs the help of a psychiatrist. She thinks she’s shading d guy? She’s equally shading herself because no man will want to come close to her again for fear of been publicly embarrassed if things didn’t go down well. There are certain things that are meant to be taken to d grave no matter how hurt one is.
    Tonto, think about ur son King Andre n d scandals he’ll grow up to find out U brew for him. Don’t forget ur son is a boy n will grow up to look for his dad n he’ll reason with his dad because he’ll one day be a man too. Don’t do things that will make U end up loosing ur son in future. U are a highly respected actress but u’re beginning to loose ur relevance n fans cos of this scandal cos most of us are loosing interest in U n ur whole drama. Be guided pls.

  2. Babe calm down, you loved him enough to marry him at a time. You will be fine, if you walk away completely and allow yourself the peace and love you deserve!

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