I Will Sure Do This If An Actress Offer Me S3x For For Movie Role – Popular Nollywood Producer, Kunle Afolayan Reveals


October 1 producer, Kunle Afolayan, a popular Nigeria movie director has said that he has never been offered s3x by a female actress for a role.

Speaking with Punch he said that such actions should be frowned upon

The filmmaker said, “Personally, I have never encountered a situation whereby an actress would offer me s3x for a movie role. They would not even dare come to me. They say that I am proud.

“The social media may have some advantages, but it also has a lot of disadvantages.

“It is only in the past that people would say that a director asked an actress for s3x in exchange for a movie role.

“These days, some actresses would reach out to the movie director or producer and tell him that they would do anything just to be in the film.

“Hardly would they say such to me. Such a thing does not come to me and if it ever happens, I will just wave it aside. I will not respond.”

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