See Heartbreaking Photos Of How Drunk Soldier Kill A Fellow Soldier For Confronting Him

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The Nigerian military barracks in Magadisu cantonment was thrown into chaos when a drunk soldier shot his fellow soldier over an argument on his alarming alcohol consumption rate.

According to our source, whose identity has been kept under anonymity, the soldier on uniform was granted a break, only for him to return heavily drunk.

The soldier on mufti being guard commander confronted him (soldier on uniform) and asked him to change up for duty. The drunk soldier went in, changed into his uniform, picked up his rifle, came back out and shot the guard commander.

Then he short himself but missed his own head and shot his mouth rather. Explaining the incident to TeeGist, our source said:

“Hmm can’t be more shock like the news I got this evening, One 11NA shot His Guard commander to death a 99NA who happens to be my formal Chairman in Saint Ciciliar Choir in Magadisu cantonment this evening, we just left his house now and his wife was really down i pray God give the family the strength to carry on and may God help us in this military were brother now kill a brother”.

“This just happened life in my barracks……The one on uniform was permitted to go on break but came back at his own time drunk..

When the guard commander tried talking to him about his drinking habit, he became rude and the guard commander told him to go and dress up to take over duty till dawn as punishment….

The soldier went in, dress up, came out with his rifle and open fire on the guard commander……The tried using the last bullet in himself through his throat, the muzzle shifted and fired one syd of his mouth…….We don’t know if he’s still alive!!!!! �”.

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