Jesus Married Mary Magdalene, They Had 4 Kids In France’ – Ghana Pastor Kwabena Asiamah Reveals (video)

jesus married mary magdalene

Jesus Married Mary Magdalene, they even had 4 kids together in today’s France, popular Ghana pastor Kwabena Asiamah reveals

Pastor Kwabena Asiamah of Universal Spiritual Outreach (Ajagurajah Movement), has ignited a controversy with his claim of Jesus marrying Mary Magdalene.

jesus married mary magdalene

Pastor Kwabena stated Jesus Christ bought married to Mary Magdalene with whom he had 4 kids in France.

The Ghanaian Pastor who admitted to being occultic which in accordance to him is a merchandising in the interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, additionally countered the Christian belief of Adam’s first wife being Eve. According to him, Adam’s first wife is Lilith.

25 Comments on Jesus Married Mary Magdalene, They Had 4 Kids In France’ – Ghana Pastor Kwabena Asiamah Reveals (video)

  1. He’s not mad ooo….it’s possible…ok let’s look at it from dis perspective..

    In Genesis,d only human on Earth was Adam and Eve,dey gave birth to two sons,wen d two sons grew up dey got married to different wives…who born dose wives

  2. Jesu Kristo got married? And they had four kids? Holi Emmanuel.!!! Asem ooooo!!!
    How many time did I call you??
    Be worn!!!!!

  3. The Pastor is not mad, may be he had the story somewhere. But advise him to study the Bible with good understanding of the word of God and come back for the interview.

    • Adam and Eve both two child come out with a twins sisters, meanwhile Cain should marry Abel twins sister while Abel marry Cain twins, but Cain twins sister is beautiful that he desires to marry her that lead in killing of Abel. (That a state of envy) and you guys should remember that God created the good and the bad, meaning without him their is no other creation

    • Let me shed more light on this issue causing controversy.
      Firstly Jesus never had a wife talkless of having kids, he died as a virgin.
      Secondly, Adam and Eve were not the first human creature on earth. A careful perusal of Genesis1v26 will bring to the fore this fact. There is two account of creations of human creature, the first was in Genesis 1v26 and the second is in Genesis 2v4.
      So the second generation of creature were for special purpose, that is why the instructions were given to them in Genesis 3v1 which they floated.
      So Cain and Abel married wife from the first generation of creature that is those in Genesis1v26.
      The instruction that who ever kill Cain, Cain blood would be avenge from him seven times was referring to who?
      Is it Abel that has been killed?
      Is it Adam and Eve or Seth their last born?

  4. Hello room, the pastor is right, he knows what’s saying. Just you people that you have to go for more research. Ask yourself did Jesus really die on the cross, if yes how does he searched for the remaining lost sheep of Israel that he wanted to preach the gospel to. Ask yourself is in spirit or human

    • You are damn pointless and clueless. How dare you comment nonsense you nuisance. What do you know about Christ ?
      He died for your sin and you are here saying nonsense. You are not well. I pray God forgive you.

  5. I will not criticize or insult the pastor who was interviewed or any of the comments writers. My question is this; what led to the pastor saying that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and secondly, which book in the world did he find it out. The two holy books in the world never wrote such things (Bible and Quoran). If he truly is a pastor and can not prove his claim, his salvation is questionable. Muslim leaders have never said such a thing neither has any other religion done so but you… Why?

    • @adumali abednego may God bless you and your understanding be increased.
      He’s destined for destruction and he’s looking for who will Go down with him.
      He’s not pastor but an agent of darkness. Let us all be watchful of people like these.

  6. Mind you some of these end time pastors. The time is ripe for them to float around. They are antichrists. Be vigilant in order not to be mislead.

  7. He is anti-christ not pastor can he prove with bible quotations if it is true then it could have been prophesied by prophet isaaih since 4rm old testament

  8. Hmmmmmm may God help us and fill us with His Holy Spirit that we may not go out of the right path.Amen. For the Pastor,he also needs our collective prayers. It’s well.

  9. First of all Jesus never got married,he died a virgin…. secondly,they are mythological books that talk about Lilly n not the Bible…if it is not in the Bible y false claims.. please most of the people dat comment negatively here are Muslims..y are we deceiving ourselves……wat if I tell u that Muhammed is a fake prophet with prove!

  10. This man of God as they popularly say it, is not truly telling as the gospel truth but occult truth and sense!!!

  11. Satanic pastor i believe that’s your name. Know how you talk about your Maker and Saviour.
    False pastor, fake indeed.

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