Mohamed Salah Christmas Celebration Wrong: Muslims Reacts Angrily At Liverpool Player And His Family

mohamed salah christmas celebration


Looking for Mohamed Salah christmas celebration and how his Muslim brothers called it wrong and some even attacking him? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest news as regards to Mo’ Salah and his Christmas celebration with his family

Many Muslims took to comment section of Liverpool striker, Mohamed Salah’s IG page to condemn the player for joining Christains to celebrate Christmas.

They are of the opining that as a Muslim he should not celebrate Christmas.

Mohamed Salah Christmas Celebration

See the photo he shared and some comments below;mohamed salah christmas celebration mohamed salah christmas celebration

Meanwhile; The Portuguese played 1-1 against the outcast Iceland and Ronaldo didn’t figure out how to affirm the way that he is one of the best football players on the planet.

That was just a few days after he pronounced that he’s the best football player on the planet in the most recent 20 years.

Ronaldo was charged after the amusement that he acted excessively, he got terrible pundits that he is an awful failure and the insights isn’t to support him either.

Numerous individuals will concur with the conclusion that the player of Real Madrid regularly has an aggravating conduct on the court furthermore his announcements out of the court, that he’s self-important and unbending, that he doesn’t regard his rivals and so forth.

In any case, Ronaldo likewise has another face. When it’s about individuals in need or situations where he needs to demonstrate his solidarity, Ronaldo dependably starts things out.

This three times victor of the Ballon D’Or showed up with a bizarre hair style on Tuesday in Saint-Etienne – he had 2 lines shaved on one side of his head.

Ronaldo got the marks cut behind his right ear after visiting a young child who he had paid to have successful surgery.

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