It’s A Shame That Those Struggling With Poverty Are The Ones Supporting This Evil And Devilish Buhari Government- Sani

shame struggling

shame struggling

Senator Shehu Sani berates politicians flaunting their children studying in expensive universities abroad.

There has been lots of talks about the state of Nigerian universities compared to those in the developed worlds.

But there’s no better way to describe the situation than Nigerian elites opting for expensive universities across the world for their children over local ones. Not even president Buhari himself, nor his vice Yemi Osinbajo. This in itself, speaks volume!

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong in studying abroad, those occupying public offices in the country and who advocate patronizing Nigerian high institutions, should expectedly lead by example.

But it is quite the opposite. What’s more, these politicians publicly and comfortably celebrate the graduation of their children from foreign universities, while doing very little to improve the standard of the ones we have in the country.

shame struggling

This obviously infuriated Sen. Shehu Sani who could not hold back his feelings. Sani expresses concern that Nigeria’s elites not only make mockery of our local universities by flaunting the fact that their children studied and graduated from expensive universities across the world, but where able to bewitch their followers into seeing nothing wrong with their questionable actions.

He said, “For every elite public officer flaunting his Children studying in the most expensive university around the World,there will be a thousand children of the poor,struggling with tuition or unemployment,back home,ready to defend him online.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce who served in the 8th Senate, only recently celebrated the graduation of his son in the United States, and vice president Yemi Osinbajo is the latest to join the list.

With the elites lacking faith in Nigeria’s educational system, one only wonders why they were voted into various political offices in the first place. Quality tertiary education should not be a privilege, but the right of all Nigerian students.

shame struggling

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