Why I M^Sturbate Everyday With My New S^X Toy – Woman Reveals


Why I M^Sturbate Everyday With My New S^X Toy – Woman Reveals

A woman has posted to her numerous followers on Instagram and also how she rakes in lots of cash from her s3x addiction on the social media platform.

Nadia Bokody, from Sydney, Australia claimed she is raking it in from her sponsored posts – but says it’s all about empowering other women not to feel “pain or shame” when it comes to s3x.

The 34-year-old told Mamamia:

“Where most top beauty and fashion bloggers get paid serious cash in exchange for plugging a new lipstick or jumpsuit, I make a very comfortable living talking about s3x toys on my feed.”

Despite getting whisked halfway across the world to stay in five-star hotel for free, and admitting her “bank account balance and adu.lt toy collection have never looked healthier”, Nadia insists money isn’t her main motivation.

With studies repeatedly pointing to a large orgasm gap between men and women, and one suggesting a huge 30 per cent of ladies felt pain the last time they had s3x, Nadia says she wants to educate other women.
She explained:

“Almost one third of the time women are having s3x, they’re in pain. “And yet, it seems like we’d rather gouge out our own eyeballs with ice picks than dedicate a single hour to acknowledging female s3xual pleasure out loud.

“Say what you will about my unusual job title, but when I upload a s3x toy review on my Instagram feed, I’m doing it because I want the shame and the pain to stop.

“Because I want to live in a world where women aren’t uncomfortable looking at and touching their own bodies, and s3x isn’t a service we provide for our partners.

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