10 Paid Internships to Travel and Work Oversea

10 paid internships

10 paid internships

It’s officially internship season! And because of how difficult it is to find an internship that offers you a large pay as well as the best career experience, today we bring you top paid internships…

From internships by international organisations like Google and the WHO to government internships. You are not only rewarded with exposure, experience and professional network; you also get well paid while at it.

So hey, Let’s countdown top 10 of the best paid internships you can apply for every year.

10 paid internships

Kindly share this so that someone out there can benefit from the knowledge. Now let’s countdown the Top 10 paid internships to travel and work abroad.

10. Open Society Internship

The Open Society Internship for Rights and Governance is jointly offered by the Open Society Foundation and the School of Public Policy at Central European University.

If you are a masters student interested in public policy and an open society, apply for this internship.

The internship will involve a clinical seminar fully paid for at the School of Public Policy at Central European University Budapest, followed by an 8- to 12-week internship at an outstanding nongovernmental organisation.

The internship also includes a stipend covering daily expenses, visa costs, accommodation, travel insurance and relocation fund.

9. Employment-Based Scholarship Programme for International Students
Still in Europe is the Employment-Based Scholarship.

Like the name, this internship offered by the Irish council is to postgraduate students who want to be employed while undertaking research in a qualified higher institution.

So if you want to pursue your masters degree, Masters by research or phd in Ireland, then go for this scholarship which comes with an internship program.

The total value of the Employment Based Programme Scholarship will be up to a maximum of €24,000 for the period.

8. African Development Bank Internship

10 paid internships

African Development Bank offers several internship spots to current masters students from its member African countries.

As an intern of the AfDB, you will be provided with a monthly stipend but you do have to cover other expenses by yourself like for your air travel to and from the Bank’s location, your upkeep, medical insurance coverage and obtaining entry and residence visas in the host country of the Bank.

10 paid internships

7. Google Business Internship

The Google Business Internship is open twice in a year; the Google Winter internship and the Google Spring internship.

This 6-month internship by Google is offered to undergraduate or masters students in their penultimate year. As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects central to Google’s business, whether it is Sales, Google for Work, Finance, People Operations (HR), Legal, Trust and Safety, or Marketing.

You will be put where you best fit based on your CV and the preferences you indicate on the application form. And yes, you will be paid as well.

6. IBM Great Minds Student Internships

The Great Minds internship by IBM is a competition for internships of 3 to 6 months at one of IBM’s Research Labs in Zurich, Nairobi, or Johannesburg for students from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

You win this internship by giving workable solutions to projects that are assigned every year. Win this internship and IBM will pay you a lump sum towards travel expenses while totally `covering the cost of living in Switzerland, Kenya or South Africa.

IBM will also obtain the necessary visa and work permits. So, if you are deeply interested in IT and have a flair for research, go for this internship.

5. European Commission Traineeship
If you have ever thought of working in the EU, Listen to this.

The EU has a 5-month traineeship where university students from all over the world get to work at executive bodies and agencies of the European Institutions like, the European External Action Service or Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.

A traineeship at the European Commission is much more than a professional experience. Each of the trainees organise a variety of non-formal learning, social activities, from football to wine-tasting to music and up to 40 other interesting activities to choose from.

In this internship, a per month living allowance will be offered in addition to visa and medical allowances. Apply when this internship opens by keeping in touch with AfterschoolAfrica.com.

4. International Monetary Fund (IMF) Internship Program for International Students

The Fund Internship Program (FIP) provides an opportunity for postgraduate students to gain an insider experience of the integrated, member country focused, mandate and work of the IMF.

Interns are assigned cutting-edge research in macroeconomics or a related field, supervised by an IMF colleague. Papers may be presented to IMF staff at the end of the internship, and those of the highest standard may be published internally to the IMF.

Internships are offered to about 50 masters and PhD students each year. IMF interns receive a competitive salary, Round-trip air travel and limited medical insurance coverage.

For the top 3 paid internships to travel and work abroad…

3. World Bank Internship

Have you wondered what it’s like working at the World bank?

Apply for either World Bank Winter or Summer internships. The World Bank Group, in its effort to provide graduate students practical experience in global development, offers World Bank paid internship for Young Graduates.

The Bank Group pays an hourly salary to all interns and, if needed, provides an allowance towards travel expenses. Not only that. Think of the all the practical experience in global development you can get from this internship. It’s bound to be rewarding and interesting.

2. Government of Italy Invest Your Talent Scholarship

If it has been your dream to work in Europe and specifically Italy, then listen to this.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation funds program where international students can undertake a laurea Magistrale or Master degree followed by a mandatory 9 month internship at selected Italian companies.

Thanks to this Program, young foreigners, educated in Italy will have the opportunity to experience working in Italy. Of course you will be paid while on this internship.

10 paid internships

Your tuition will also be paid through this scholarship.

Finally at the top of our countdown is the…

Government of Japan Internships

Every year, more than 100 internship slots are opened by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. With this internship, you will receive 4,000 yen daily for living expenses throughout your internship.

You will also receive round-trip air ticket, Internship insurance, Transportation and accommodation expenses including training program fee when participating in training.

Except you’re an international students already living in Japan, this package also comes with travel insurance. If you have been thinking of experiencing Japan, you want to apply for this internship.

10 paid internships

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