3 Data Science UK Universities Offering Masters With How To Apply For Them

3 data science uk universities


Looking for 3 data science UK universities you can apply for, from anywhere in the world? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest data science UK universities available

United Kingdom is one the strongest nations of the world, with its economy of sixth-largest.

The countries of Wales, England, Scotland and parts of Ireland are collectively called the UK.

The UK is considered to be the first country to bring advancements to industry, education, and health.

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It’s power and influence, internationally, in the fields of economics, politics, science, and the military is tremendous.

UK is a very famous destination for higher education. It has a very long list of universities and colleges that are dedicated to higher education.


Education standard is very high, as four out of it’s 167 institutes are in the top-ten of the world, and more than twenty institutes are in the top-hundred.

3 Data Science UK Universities

The country boasts world-class universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, and Warwick.

This is the reason that the UK has such a large number of international students.

About 460,000 international students choose this place for their higher studies every year.

Data Science is among the trending and most-demanded fields of education.

That’s why a lot of universities in the UK are offering special courses related to data science, which are specifically designed to give the best experience and knowledge related to this field.

The following universities are the leading institutes in the UK and the best for data science.

1. Warwick University

The Warwick University, one of the prominent universities located in England, is a public institute.

Warwick’s education standard is very high as it ranks 56th globally and 6th in England. It is also famous for its highest percentage of graduate’s employment.

The university is comprised of three faculties, thirty-two departments, and over forty research centers & institutes.

It’s distinguishing academic programs include law, economics, and business and research programs include mathematics, statistics, finance, and management.

The master’s program at Warwick, related to data science, is data analytics, and it is highly demanded.

This course is a one-year full-time degree program and is designed as such to provide maximum technical skills and expertise. It is primarily developed for those students that have previous education and skills of computer science, physical sciences, and mathematics. Many ex-students of Warwick are doing jobs of data scientists and analysts in leading organizations of computer technologies such as Huawei, Dell, Brainlabs, Play Station, IBM and many more.

2. University Of London

The University of London belongs to the list of oldest universities and has the highest density of students in the whole United Kingdom.

House to the most wide and diverse cultures from over 180 countries. It has worldwide associations with many educational & research institutions.

Being the first university to offer education and degrees to women is one of its distinctions. The current student strength of this university is about 190,000.

The university constitutes of 17 educational and 9 research institutes and has always provided with the best quality education.

This university in UK offers master’s degree in data science, which is one of the best-valued qualifications for a student of today’s and future technologies.

This degree offers students to follow the leading pathways in data science; financial technologies or artificial intelligence. Its duration varies from 1-5 years depending on the module availability.

3 Data Science UK Universities

The University of London boasts more than two million alumni, which comprise of many notable figures of the world including George V (King of the UK), Queen Elizabeth, Albert Einstein (scientist & physicist), Muhammad Ali Jinnah (father of nation for Pakistan), Mahatma Gandhi (father of nation for India), Nelson Mandela (father of nation for South Africa), and countless more.

3. The University Of Leeds

The University of Leeds is very notable in the charts of the world’s top-ranked universities as it ranks 10th in the UK and 93rd in the world.

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The graduates of this university are equally demanded by multi-national companies and other institutes dedicated to academia and research.

The university has always been in lead in areas of research of the latest technologies. Recently, Leeds’s scientists have succeeded in producing 2-atom thick gold, which is a breakthrough in the field of nano-technologies.

At this university in UK, Master’s in data science is offered in two different degrees; data science & analytics, and advanced computer science & data analytics.

Both degrees are full-time of one-year duration and provide expert comprehensive knowledge relevant to data science.

The data science & analytics degree focuses on management & analysis of data for areas like health care, marketing, government, and the environment, while the advanced computer science & data analytics degree provides with the in-depth knowledge of computer algorithms for data analysis and the opportunity to choose an area from image analysis, cloud computing, semantic technologies, and mobile app development.

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