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Looking for 3 Italian universities with good rate of acceptance fees and nice environment to study?

Then search no more as we bring you all the latest and best universities in Italian for international students.

If you want to study in the place where modern civilization was born, then look no further, Italy is the place to go.

With the history of the world surrounding you and famously delicious food available, Italy is one of the most beautiful and culture-filled countries in the world.

Higher education institutions are renowned for offering ambitious programs to both national and international students.

When choosing which university is best for you, you might want to consider things like the city where it’s located, the programs offered, and the acceptance rates.

Here, we’ve gathered information on some of the best universities in Italy with high acceptance rates.

1. Politecnico Di Milano

Acceptance Rate: 90%

This university is one of the very best in Italy for subjects related to engineering, architecture, and design.

The main requirement to enter the university is an entrance exam. According to current and former students, the exam is very easy as it’s about general culture, art, and knowledge that you are very likely to have.

However, there are two big caveats to this 90% acceptance rate: first, you need to know Italian. Fortunately, the level required to take the test is very basic.

The second and most important issue is that even if you pass the test and get into the university, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get into your preferred course.

Therefore, competition can be fierce if you’re applying to one of the most sought after degrees. Then, a passing note will not do if you are set on that specific area.

2. University of Bari Aldo Moro

Acceptance rate: 90%

This university in Italy with a high acceptance rate of 90% is located in the Southern area of Italy. It was founded in 1925 and it has grown to have 12 faculties with numerous courses and degrees available for both national and international students.

The university only requires students to take an evaluation test, which is not an entrance exam. It’s simply performed to assess the student’s knowledge.

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However, certain specific courses do require entrance exams and for these, the acceptance rate is lower than 90%.

Some of these include medicine, which has an acceptance rate of only 50% for students that come from outside of the EU.

3. The American University of Rome

Acceptance rate: 85%

This institution has an incredible balance between liberal arts studies and hands-on experience. This way, students can start to develop a presence in the workforce from early on in their careers through internship programs. Courses are focused on humanities and social sciences.

Furthermore, an international environment is heavily promoted.

3 Italian Universities

Therefore, foreign students are very welcomed into this university located in the heart of Italy, Rome.

However, the student body is relatively small, with only 500 undergraduates enrolled. This allows the faculty to have a closer relationship with the students, providing them with personalized attention.

This is part of what makes education at this college so high quality.

Furthermore, the university offers numerous exchange programs as it has locations in other countries as well.

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