47 Countries Declares Hushpuppi Wanted As Kemi Olunloyo Publishes Names of Prominent Politicians In connection With ray


Looking for 47 countries declares Hushpuppi wanted for internet scam? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest news as regards ray Hushpuppi recent arrest

According to DR KEMI OLUNLOYO:

#BREAKING @hushpuppi is not going down alone. 47 countries want him for leading a hacking ring costing individuals, businesses and governments $450M. He has started naming prominent people.

My sources in the Federal Bureau of investigation are telling me that if not for the pandemic, they would have detained many “Nigerian visitors to Dubai”.

Some of the ppl he named are sitting Politicians he allegedly laundered money for with huge percentage cuts.

Like @yelesho said, he’s just the “baby fraudster”. The Grand fathers and fathers are in the govt. He however did not name Ifedayo Olarinde @daddyfreeze�️�

Snapshot of Kemi Post47 countries declares hushpuppi wanted

Read what one of the comments says About Ray’s lavished lifestlye

Won’t happen but las las hush done chop money, flex life, lived lavish, flown choppers, flown private, had the most exotic cars, mingled with celebs obtained connections, became a known international brand.

No jail can take that away from him, if he comes out of prison he will be better than most poor Nigerians because he has a platform, he has connections, he has experience, he is known and so on. He won’t be starting from square 1

He can write a bestseller book, be a TV host, sing music people will buy, sell his story to American media companies, work for security organisations abroad etc

47 countries declares hushpuppi wanted

Most Nigerians live in houses worst than American prisons me typing this have not seen electricity in 42 hours straight, I paid aboki 50 bucks to charge my phone, American prisons have 24/7 electricity, gym, free TV, free laundry services, free phone calls and free food that is why black Americans even the celebs see jail as an achievement as street cred status bringer

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how many haven’t been to jail? you tell me as we speak many US celebs are in jail including Steven Spielberg’s daughter, R Kelly, Da baby etc

Even Robert Downey Jr, Lil Kim, tommy Lee, Mark Wahlberg have all been to U.S prison
Their prison is not like our own many come out of jail looking better than they did before they went in.

Those quoting me will chose 10 – 15 years in American prison and a lifetime of living lavish for themselves and their family without thinking twice over being a poor Nigerian from birth to death.

Ask yourself what odds hushpuppi had of being as rich as he was without doing what he did?

We all know majority of Nigerians will be born into poverty and will die in poverty but we all want to delude ourselves by thinking “I will be the one to make it” niggger that’s what the other 100,000,000 dead Nigerians before you thought, you think every poor Nigerian chose to be poor?

or they don’t know your God or another one is “if he didn’t do crime he would be enjoying by now!” Nigguh enjoying what exactly

Simple question please how many Nigerian lawyers do you know richer than or even half as rich as Hushpuppi?

Even the celebs how many of them where as rich as hush? Only the very top 1%

Another quick question? Ask them how many years and how much suffering, and how much connections etc it took them to get that degree and then that position and if the pay for those without connection is adequate, do the same for every other profession except clergy and politicians

And decide for yourself what chance the vast majority of Nigerians have of becoming millionaires or even hundred thousandnaires ?

47 countries declares hushpuppi wanted

I’m not encouraging crime please don’t do crime but let us be realistic in our thoughts and speech,

I thought if you go to school you must be rich until I was in a slum and a woman told me she did her youth service in taraba, I was surprised I was like wtf excuse me, she said yes she served in….
She didn’t know I was thinking shocked thinking to myself “how did you go to school for 17+ years only to end up in this slum in this poverty” I assumed everyone in slums where uneducated never do wells, miscreants etc.

Imagine if she, like most young girls were compelled to sleep with lecturers for grades, or sorted to pass and all that thinking riches were ahead of them upon graduation only to end up in a slum without husband and children hey this isn’t fiction this lady was quarrelling with another non educated woman the other day I recorded what the women were using to insult her.

Her lack of husband and children she kept saying she sacrificed all that for school and her future but you decide if this is a future worth losing sleep for, worth losing meaningful relationships for

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