Actress Liz Anjorin Reveals – How Pastor’s Attitude During Mother’s Burial Made Her Covert To Islam (Must Read)

actress liz anjorin

Yoruba actress liz anjorin who is also a filmmaker has published why she switched to Islam.

The actress said she had to hurriedly bury her mom because she had asked not to be taken to the mortuary when she died.

“I ought to keep in mind proper from when I was a teenager, my mom used to tell me that she does now not desire her dead body to be taking to the mortuary when she dies,” Anjorin wrote in an Instagram post.

She said her mom was once born into a Muslim family however they slept in the church “several times in the course of the struggles so we are routinely Christians”.

actress liz anjorin

My thinking was once how can we treat ourselves in such a cruel way.

Then a guy said if Mama have been to be a Muslim, they would have buried her earlier than now.

actress liz anjorin

“It was that day I realised that if you don’t have cash or top savings or lands You are a joker.
Where you are buried, is where you will rest forever.

“The so-called Muslims were all over me and they stood by me.

The 8 days prayer was once done by way of Muslims.

Right there, one of the Alfa who know me stated ‘I heard you are the only baby of Mama. Make sure you go to Hajj, talk to God and pray for your mother’.”

She added: “I in no way regret going to Hajj or being identified with Islam but I love my Christian brothers/sisters.”

below is what she posted on her IG page..

My story into Islam …is my story, my opinion, my life.

There are somethings you don’t deliver your empty talent on social media to discusss..

1. Respect people’s opinion…that is what I constantly say

actress liz anjorin

2. We have mother and father and we care for them than every other

3. You can’t pick out faith over your dad and mom except you are being talent washed

4 . Going to church or veing 5time prayer will never warranty your success or Aljanat

5. If you have no longer considered your mother or take care of your mom for a long time (Years), if you like die in the Mosque or Church, you will not make heaven

6. If they like, let one bastard referred to as your mother a witch or anything most in particular let them tell you how your mother is the one delaying your success.

Because if you price your mom you won’t be here with your empty Genius and be discussing religion. Who religion help? Abi e ma wo awon dindinrin yi sha.

actress liz anjorin

My own mother is over everything …even when she was alive, when she referred to as me once, I run a million times to answer, if I make any money, I will supply her her personal share instantly.

The humans that supported me to supply my mum a befitting burial to a struggling mom that did now not eat the fruit of her challenging labour…even if it used to be baba alawo dat supported me that day infact you would have considered me coming out bold like this with aso awo😂🤣😂 …you called Islam Boko Haram if you like name them blood sucker…koko ni pe, they embraced me when I was once empty and damaged as her solely child.

I was 1/2 dead, devastated and scattered…if solely you knew how the Muslims helped me…..I swear u won’t deliver your dry Genius here to discuss religion…better depart my web page earlier than I supply you a story that will make you grasp your miserable head.

It appears you don’t know when anyone dies and there is no mortuary nurse or doctor on floor and one evil telling you…..

No, she is now not our member….if i rain curse on all and sundry that say shit on Islam….walahi oni bo nbe..

awuje yin kojina faa..oka ori yin kojina ..some pple want agbo ela faa😂🤣

actress liz anjorin

Source: Thecable

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