Photos From The Burial Of The Mother And Her Only Son Who Died One Day Apart

Mother And Her Only Son Who Died

Photos From The Burial Of The Mother And Her Only Son Who Died One Day Apart

Tragedy of a mother and her son who died within 2 days and were buried the same day is something really heartbreaking , as questions keep pouring in on why such a beautiful woman and her only handsome boy who was only 22 has to go in that horrific manner, knowing how good the woman was-A lover of God.

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We don’t have powers over death but had it been we do, Isaac and Theressa shouldn’t have left this earth so early especially looking at the circumstances that surround their dead.

Remember a few days ago, A mother and her only son died in plateau state Nigeria.

The son was killed by Cultists in his area and his body was dumped, and after the Mother heard the sad news of the demise of her only son and her source of joy and happiness, she too kicked the bucket at the spot, she slumped and died! So sad!

Many thought she just fainted but alas she’s confirmed dead in hospital. Such a sad incident.

The son’s Name is Isaac while his mother is Theressa.

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The burial was yesterday at Jos plateau with many people in attendance…

Men and women were in uncontrollable tears as the two innocent family members get down the ground.

It was such an emotional burial with thousands on black clothes.

Indeed death is painful. May their souls rest in peace.

In this article, we are going to show you photos from the burial that was held yesterday.

It was shared by his friends on Facebook who attended the burial:

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