Actress Ronke Ojo Reveals, TB Joshua Magical P0wer, Cured My Daughter’s Asthma

Full details how TB Joshua faked

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals to the media how late TB Joshua cured her daughter, who has suffered asthma for many years, with his magical powers. In her words, I don’t know how he did it, but he cured my daughter.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, actress Ronke Ojo said the late prophet healed her daughter of asthma when they visited his church.

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

The well-known Nollywood actress Ronke Ojo has responded to the recent accusations made against Temitope Balogun Joshua, also known as TB Joshua, the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

As you may recall, the BBC claimed in a recent documentary that Joshua had sexually assaulted members, staged fake healings, tortured victims, and coerced some of them into terminating their pregnancies.


Actress Ronke Ojo reveals
ronke ojo

Recalling her encounter with T.B. Joshua, the actress insisted he was a nice and good man, saying, “Initially, I do not believe in prophecy; I am not that kind of person because there are so many scammers out there.”  Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

Ojo responded in a video posted on her Instagram page, saying the late cleric healed her daughter of asthma when they visited his church.Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

“To God be the glory, he delivered my daughter from asthma that fateful day at church. But aside from that, he was a nice man to me and my family.  Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

I just want people to know that for me, he is a nice man and a man of God.” “Something came out of her mouth which I did not believe, and my junior sister experienced something similar.”  Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

Meanwhile; Prophet TB Joshua a name too powerful, is so popular on the lips of everyone around the world. If you know God and truly believe in the things of the Spirit, then late TB Joshua is one man you should learn a lot from.

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

Renowned religious leader T.B. Joshua, a wealthy megachurch pastor who gained notoriety as a “great man of God,” passed away in June 2021, leaving behind a sizable number of grieving followers in Africa and around the world. Here’s a picture of the man who performed the miracles.

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

1. An Interesting Backstory: T. B. Joshua was born on June 12, 1963, in the small village of Arigidi, halfway between Lagos and Abuja. His biography states that his mother carried a 15-month pregnancy to term.  Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

It also mentions that when he was only a few days old, a big boulder crashed through the roof of his home, narrowly missing the infant. As a result, his mother gave him the Yorùbá name Temitope, which means, “What you [God] have done for me is worthy of thanks.”

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

Joshua led the Student Christian Fellowship at St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School during his elementary education. This earned him the nickname “small pastor,” which was a play on his diminutive stature and a precursor to things to come. Because of his poverty, Joshua was unable to complete his secondary education and instead took on various menial jobs.

However, he later claimed to have received a divine anointing in a heavenly vision and a covenant from God to begin his ministry, leading him to found Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) at the age of 24 along with eight other people. Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

2. He Zealously Promoted Healing: T. B. Joshua promised miracles, especially divine healing and occasionally economic prosperity, and he played a major role in the growth of the Pentecostal movement in Africa.

Actress Ronke Ojo reveals

The movement is primarily motivated by people’s belief in the healing and transformative power of the Holy Spirit. SCOAN has published numerous videos documenting the healing of various illnesses, disabilities, and injuries, many of which were claimed to be medically incurable, such as HIV/AIDS and blindness. continue reading here

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