African Young Lady Cries Out – ‘I Really Wanna Die Right Now, My Neighbor That I Trusted R a p e d Me Last Night’

african young lady cries


Looking for African young lady cries out after she was r@ped by her trusted neigbour? Search no more as we bring you all the necessary details of that incident.

This Twitter user with the handle @Nomathenda took to her page to accuse her neighbour of r*ping her after she asked him to walk her home.

The young lady who is a South African disclosed that she was r@ped on Saturday evening, said she reported the the incident to the police on Sunday morning.

The r*pist however allegedly escaped as the police took so much time in coming over to her house to get a statement.

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“My neighbor r*ped me last night… I really wanna die right now. Asked him to walk me home coz I wanted to be safe I trusted him..

Wen we got next to my gate things changed next thing I’m on the floor next thing his strangling me im on the floor “fustk thula uyarasa” he said….i trusted him.

I honestly nvr thought such wud happen to me especially with some1 soo close to ladies pls buy pepper spray n Carry it with you all the time these dogs strike at anytime.” she tweeted.african young lady cries african young lady cries

Meanwhile; A Nigerian woman, a mother of four, last week put out a ‘suicidal post’ asking for members of the public to reach out to her children when she dies.

He post reads; “If I am no more, please reach out to my innocent triplets+1, they are unlucky to arrive in an evil family.”

The post caused a bit of panic on Instagram on Sunday, as a great number of people, including celebrities, tried to reach out to her for fear that she might do something rash and irrevocable.

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