Alfred George East Offers Scholarship To Students On Nursing Or Design

alfred george east offers scholarship


Looking for Alfred George east offers scholarship to interested students in the areas of Nursing and Design? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest scholarship programs and how to apply for them.

Closing date: 30/03/2020
Nursing, Design

Level of study


The Alfred George East Scholarship encourages participation in tertiary education, particularly in technical areas, such as design and nursing.


Alfred George East was a Wellington land and estate agent.

Value and tenure

The value of each scholarship depends on the particular circumstances of the applicant and the details of the case presented.

The tenure is for a single academic year.

Typical number on offer

Two scholarships are typically offered each year.


Applicants must:

– have successfully completed a minimum of 120 credits at the Wellington campus of Massey University
– be entering the second or third year of their programme of study at the Wellington campus of Massey University
-be studying full time

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-be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

The Trustees give the application of the trust deed the widest possible interpretation and consider applications in the following order of priority:

-industrial design

-all other design programmes

-any other programme with a substantial technical content but the Trustees are of the firm opinion that the deed does not include programmes in business, journalism and music.

Selection criteria

The scholarship is not primarily awarded on a basis of performance, academic achievement or outstanding scholarship, but is a grant to aid students who could not otherwise continue with their studies or other career development initiatives.

Alfred George East Offers Scholarship

Selection panel

The scholarship is awarded by the University Scholarships Committee on the recommendation of a selection panel consisting of Manager, Student Life Services; Service Leader, Student Administration; and Team Leader, Student Life Services at Massey University.

The University Scholarships Committee has the right to refrain from making an award if there are no suitable applicants and its decision is final.

Conditions of the scholarship

The scholarship may be held in conjunction with other scholarships, bursaries or awards, so long as those scholarships, bursaries or awards permit co-tenure.

Scholarship application


Log in to the student portal. Select the scholarships tab and choose ‘Make an application’.


You must complete the admission process before you can apply for a scholarship. Read the section for Prospective students on our How to apply page.

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