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You might have seen many international students that are studying at Duke University, some of these students do not pay a dime to attend the varsity.

International students are eligible for full ride Duke University scholarships, which cover tuition, room, board, and books. There are about 20-25 international students each year that do get all their cost covered by scholarships.

You would have to be very qualified to receive such scholarships, but you should apply if you think that you are eligible. For more information, visit Duke Undergraduate Scholarships.

Admissions (Undergraduate)

International undergraduate students use the same application that is used by domestic students. However, they do need to submit extra documents such as English Proficiency scores.

Students can apply to Duke University through the Common Application and the Coalition Application. If you want to apply through the Common Application, you should definitely read this article.

Also, you should definitely read the admission guide found on the Admission Page. This page will help you because it contains valuable information such as application deadline and required materials. Also, you should definitely read the section that is dedicated to international students.

Unfortunately, there are only federal support, external scholarships, and very limited institutional aid for Master’s students. International students are not eligible for federal support because they are not US citizens.

The only two Duke scholarships left are external scholarships and limited institutional aid. There are not many external scholarships in the first place, let alone the scholarships be fully funded. Also, there are also limited institutional scholarships for Master’s students.


However, there are many Duke University scholarships available for PhD students. Many PhD students at Duke University receive full ride scholarships covering tuition, room, board, and a living stipend.

These scholarships are renewable for five years and even can be extended into the sixth year for certain circumstances. So, if you are admitted to Duke University’s PhD program, you can be assured that you will be receiving full ride scholarships.

There is a scholarship search engine provided by Duke University for Master’s and PhD students. To access this search engine, visit Graduate Scholarships Page

The graduate admissions at Duke University varies by department. The reason is that the graduate admissions in most universities are decentralized, meaning that individual departments make their own decisions.

So, the required documents, application deadline, and application form might differ by the departments. However, there are application instructions that are common to all departments. You can view the instruction in Graduate Admissions Page.

This page also contains the application portal where you will fill out the application form and submit your documents. Another helpful thing about this page is that it includes Frequently Asked Questions. You should definitely check the admission page for more information.

More Scholarships in USA

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article about Duke University Scholarships. There are dozens of other universities in USA that offer international students full-ride scholarships. To view these scholarships, visit


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