Check Out Top 8 Discontinued Cars Nigerians Will Really Miss. (With Photos)


The caption is very funny but that’s exactly what it is. Have you ever wondered why you see a lovely car on the road, the car becomes very popular then suddenly you stopped seeing newer models of the cars. That’s because they were discontinued by the makers.

I call them dead cars because the manufacturers have killed the lineage of those cars and stopped manufacturing newer models for one reason or the other. The autopsy you are about to go through right now is one carried out by Techcapon on these cars (funny but true) and discovered why they were discontinued and killed by their makers and in this post I will be disclosing that autopsy report.

There are many popular car models in the world that are dead and buried but these are the popular ones on Nigerian roads. They are still on the roads even up till this very moment but they’re just standing on their last legs and it’s just a matter of time before the owners become tired of waiting for newer models and dump them.venza

Thing is it’s not Nigerian buyers that determine whether a car will live or not, most time its the Americans and Europeans of course. Let’s have a look.

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