Cynthia Anyikwa Accused Of Poisoning Nnamdi Kanu Reacts

Cynthia Anyikwa Accused Of Poisoning Nnamdi Kanu Reacts

A former dedicated member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Cynthia Anyikwa, has been forced to react after being accused of so many atrocities and also labelled dead after she dumped the pro-Biafra group.

According to the lady, since she jilted the leadership of the Nnamdi Kanu led group due to “lies and deceit”, some IPOB members have been coming for her hard online to the extent she was accused of poisoning Nnamdi Kanu and died after slumping.

Cynthia Anyikwa took to Facebook to dispel rumors of her death. Read her long epistle below;

They said I’m dead when I’m pretty healthy and alive! But then, I’ll be here to read their Obituary one by one that’s the irony of life. A steel made woman is very much alive! Woe to haters and its organizers.

First thing foremost. I’m awe of thy solemn name Almighty God the creator of the whole universe. I’m on bended knees Supreme Creator of all mankind in praises for thy enemies lies in wait but thou put confusion in their midst. Hallelujah!

Some person’s with Kyphoses rumoured my death during the period I absent myself on facebook! They said I’m dead alleging the cause of their death not mine to be the nonsensical, brainwashing devilish IPOB Oath, imagine the bunkum!

A*sholes do dead breathe, write, post, type, speak, access the internet and its Facebook account up and running? These deformed creatures said I poisoned their leader. Isn’t that hilarious people? How did I poison their leader bikonu?

Cynthia Anyikwa Accused Of Poisoning Nnamdi Kanu Reacts

How come? How did it happen? I didn’t poison your leader when I was running the hazard roads of Abuja both night and day twice a week sometimes when he was alleged of committing a treasonable felony offense and that wasn’t Bread And Butter mind you. How then can somebody think of me poisoning a man I fought for his release in my own little way?

Does that sound palatable? I attended his court proceedings till he was bailed. Then, I was cheered, praised and applaud not accused of poisoning him because it was Cherry and Cruising by these 21st century idiots isn’t that correct? By the way, where is your leader?

Did he tell you I make his meals? Have we eat on the same table before? No. Do I or have I ever cook for their leader? No! Have I ever see him eating before? No! Do I live with him? No! Do I know his kitchen?

Still No! So what the heck is this bollocks? How do this incoherent gibberish write-up poisoning their leader emanate is what I’m yet to unravel as such sane individual would ask the imbecilic Ape responsible for this hate write-up and their master Hitler de 2nd hiding under woman’s name “transgender Ugochi Alele”. Fools everywhere?

It’s crystal clear for one to poison someone you must either be their cook, a constant visitor or someone within which often stays/serves whatever Eatable to the said person intended to poison isn’t that right? You can then judge from that.

You should know this Ape, I’m not among the jobless weaklings who was seen without cease making Afara Ukwu Ibeku Umuahia their Heaven on Earth. I’m not among those seen lettering on the floor like Alamajiri’s on pilgrimage in the vicinity of Ibeku doing one nonsense thing or the other for days, weeks, months haba.. Ape, ask those usually pictured/seen in Afara if my face was seen in Afara twice since Kanu regained freedom. Lunatics..

All these brouhaha, insults and character assassination on my person resurrected ever since I jilted IPOB Nnamdi Kanu because its Leadership and Disciples are full of lies, they managed truth and you know I’m allergic to lies as it’s not what prompt me or what I saw initially before being party to that Biafra secession group including the token I did for Biafra emmergence.

Whiter than white slogan in that group is farfetched, it was murdered in cold blood that even black is more suitable and preferable compared to how Dirty and Dark everything going on there is . I decamped that directionless, vision less group full of character assassination, slandering and lies with no cognitive reasoning, no roadmap and since then they became a Squealer. Howling is their watchword, thus Character assassination simultaneously is their roadmap how ridiculous…

If anyone dare speak against the evil in that limited liability radio Rbl, the RBlimited trained facebook terrorists will come for you with heaps of insults like the abuses they have being raining on me since I left that pathological lying group but who cares..?

Cynthia Anyikwa Accused Of Poisoning Nnamdi Kanu Reacts

Insults makes someone like me strong it doesn’t kill nor deter, I can stomach all their day dream balderdash as their tongue is known to be flippant often that’s what these sycophants failed to pinpoint thinking they could have it right or shut me up by churning rubbish with my name attached.

They cooked themselves with lies thinking they are denting my name. Idiots they are… These are the same people Proscribed by FG and the way forward is to disrupt Ohanaeze summit on restructuring Nigeria and slandering Cynthia’s name thus rumoured her death after threatening to r@pe her to death attributing it to worthless man-made masturbating paper nonsense called oath and making my pictures therein with an asterisk Red symbol is foolishness, diabolic, unprofessional and juvenile dimwits!

Tomorrow they will said to be peaceful agitators lol who are you deceiving? Did you see how disgruntled stupid these elements are? What other awful words would be suitable to qualify these miscreants as their legendary in stupidity abounds. You morons irritate me…

Cynthia Anyikwa Accused Of Poisoning Nnamdi Kanu Reacts

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