“I Dated Her For 8 Yrs, Took Care Of Her” – Man Shares Story

“I Dated Her For 8 Yrs, Took Care Of Her” – Man Shares Story

“How I dated her for 8 yrs, never had sl*t with her, took care of her, after her MSc, she dumped me” – Man shares story

Heard this and almost cried my eyes off. Each time I get to hear some ladies say, “men are sc*m“, I seldom keep quiet because I have loads of stories and experiences which when shared will not only silence them but may change their mentality about the “men are sc*m phrase.”

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So, a friend visited my house days back, whilst gisting, he shared a story about a bosom friend of his, who almost committed suicide over the girl he dated. We will use Mr. I as the boyfriend and Ms. I as the girlfriend. I will try as much as possible to cut the long story short.

According to him, Mr. I had been d@ting Ms. I since 2008, he was in the university then, 200 level to be precise, while she was about finishing secondary school. And like many young lovers, everything was good and going fine except the usual “childish mentality” from both parties of course. Things kept blossoming, everything soft and nice.

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