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Looking for Emeka Ike Biography, real age, family, marriage scandal, movies, net worth And His Latest Interview plus remember he just welcomed a new baby with his new wife.

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Emeka Ike remains a popular Nigerian actor, He was born on 22 March 1967 in Lagos, Nigeria.
Emeka Ike is one of the prolific actors who is known for his roles as playboy or Casanova in Nollywood movies.

He also has been tagged as one of Nollywood’s ‘Bad boys’ due to playing movie roles of a man who gets physical, abuses women.

Emeka Ike studied mechanical engineering at the University in Lagos, but he had a burning passion for acting. His first major role was in the movie ‘Deadly Affair’ in 1987.

Emeka Ike Age

He was born on 22 March 1967 in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa. He is 52 years old as of 2019.

Emeka Ike and Family | Emeka Ike children

He is the son of Elder Ike (father) Nicolas Ike (mother).

His father was a pastor before he became late. Emeka was married to a beautiful half-Dutch half-Nigerian wife for 17 years. He has four children; three sons and one daughter.

Emeka Ike Marriage, Wife and his Wedding

Emeka Ike was married to Suzanne Emma in 2000 but the two divorced in 2017. The couple had been married for 17 years. A Lagos Island Customary Court, South West Nigeria dissolved their 17-year-old marriage.

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The three-man panel presided over by Chief Awo Awosola, dissolved the marriage in a judgment following a petition filed by Suzanne.

Other members of the panel of judges were: Mrs. Opeyemi Olanrewaju and Mr. Kehinde Jacob Olayinka.

“From all evidence before the court, the marriage between the couple had broken down, and it is irreconcilable, consequently, the marriage is hereby dissolved”, said the court.

The court granted Emeka the custody of the four children but ordered that Suzanne should be granted unhindered access to them.

Either Suzanne or Emeka Ike has 30 days to appeal.

The court also received a photocopy of a bank draft of N300 dated July 20, 2016, which the Suzanne used in refunding the bride price, paid to her family during their marriage.

Emeka Ike Biography

Suzanne in the petition filed before the court accused Emeka of incessant beating, molestation, and torture, which she said she could no longer endure. But Emeka in his response denied beating, molesting or torturing his wife.

He urged the court not to dissolve the marriage. He also informed the court that his wife had moved out of their matrimonial home five times without any reason.

He also told the court that the only time ‘devil’ entered their marriage, was when his wife paid for the children’s school fees.

Chika Ike and Emeka Ike – Is Chika Ike And Emeka Ike Related?

Emeka Ike is of Igbo origin from Imo State. He is the son to Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas Ike and his father was a pastor before he died.

Chika Ike was born in Onitsha, Anambra State but was brought up in Lagos.

Therefore Emeka Ike and Chika Ike are neither brother and sister nor closely related.

Emeka Ike Net worth

Emeka Ike is currently one of the richest and most influential actor in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Emeka Ike Dead or Alive

He is definitely much alive but not dead.

Emeka Ike Movies

Emeka ike biography and the movies he has acted in which are over 60 Nollywood movies among them;

2016 Marry Who You Love
2016 Golden Love
2014 Secret Act
2014 Secret Weapon
2013 Stigma
2012 Housemates
2011 Jewels of the Sun
2011 Jewels of the Sun 2
2009 Heat of the Moment
2009 Heat of the Moment 2
2009 Hot Island
2009 Hot Island 2
2009 Love, Lies and Murder
2009 Love, Lies and Murder 2
2009 My Last Wedding
2009 My Last Wedding 2
2008 A Can of Worms
2008 A Can of Worms 2
2008 After My Heart
2008 After My Heart 2
2008 After My Heart 3
2008 After My Heart 4
2008 Heavy Battle
2008 Heavy Battle 2
2008 Piece of My Soul
2008 Piece of My Soul 2
2008 Piece of My Soul 3
2008 Test Your Heart
2008 Test Your Heart 2
2008 Throne of Tears
2008 Throne of Tears 2
2008 Wind of Love
2008 Wind of Love 2
2007 100 Days in the Jungle
2007 Angel of My Life
2007 Angel of My Life 2
2007 Battle for Battle
2007 Battle for Battle 2
2007 Breaking News
2007 Breaking News 2
2007 Careless Soul
2007 Careless Soul 2
2007 Confidential Romance
2007 Confidential Romance 2
2007 Great Ambassadors
2007 Great Ambassadors 2
2007 The Love Doctor
2007 The Love Doctor 2
2007 The Next Election
2007 The Next Election 2
2007 The Prince of My Heart
2007 The Prince of My Heart 2
2007 Titanic Battle
2007 Titanic Battle 2
2007 Warriors of Satan
2007 Warriors of Satan 2
2007 When You Are Mine
2007 When You Are Mine 2
2006 A Million Tears
2006 A Million Tears 2
2006 Angels of Destiny
2006 Angels of Destiny 2
2006 End of Discussion
2006 End of Discussion 2
2006 Jealousy
2006 Last Kiss
2006 Last Kiss 2
2006 Leap of Faith
2006 Leap of Faith 2
2006 Leap of Faith 3
2006 Living in Pain
2006 Living in Pain 2
2006 My Heart Your Home
2006 My Heart Your Home 2
2006 My Love My Sorrow
2006 My Love My Sorrow 2
2006 My Only Girl
2006 My Only Girl 2
2006 My Sweet Sister
2006 My Sweet Sister 2
2006 Supremacy
2006 Supremacy 2
2006 The Snake Girl
2006 The Snake Girl 2
2005 Broadway
2005 Cold War

Emeka Ike Biography

2005 Cold War 2
2005 Divided Kingdom
2005 Divided Kingdom 2
2005 Indecent Desire
2005 Indecent Desire 2
2005 Price of Ignorance
2005 Price of Ignorance 2
2005 Security Risk
2005 Security Risk 2
2005 To Love and Live Again
2005 To Love and Live Again 2
2005 Windfall
2005 Windfall 2
2005 You & I Forever
2005 You & I Forever 2
2004 Annabel
2004 Annabel 2
2004 Back to Back
2004 Back to Back 2
2004 Betrayed by Love
2004 Dream Lover
2004 Eyes of Love
2004 Foreign Affairs
2004 Foreign Affairs 2
2004 Heavy Rain
2004 In the Name of Love
2004 In the Name of Love 2
2004 I Swear
2004 I Swear 2
2004 I Want Your Wife
2004 I Want Your Wife 2
2004 Legacy
2004 Love & Marriage
2004 Love Crime
2004 Love Crime 2
2004 My Woman
2004 Not by Power
2004 Right Man for Me
2004 St. Michael
2004 Still in Love
2004 Still in Love 2
2004 Strength of a Woman
2004 Strength of a Woman 2
2004 Sweet Love
2004 Sweet Love 2
2004 Two Become One
2004 Two Become One 2
2003 Because of Love
2003 Because of Love 2
2003 Clean Up
2003 Disguise
2003 Disguise 2
2003 For Better for Worse
2003 For Better for Worse 2
2003 Missing ‘U’
2003 Not Man Enough
2003 Not Man Enough 2
2003 Passion & Pain
2003 Passions
2003 Queen Sheba
2003 Queen Sheba 2
2003 Sister Mary
2003 Sorrows of Love
2003/I Throwing Stones
2003 Together as One
2003 Together as One 2
2003 Total Regret
2003 Touching Love
2002 My Love
2002 Pretender
2002 Pretender 2
2002 Tears & Sorrows
2002 Tears & Sorrows 2
2002 The Final Clash
2002 The Final Clash 2
2001 Death Warrant
2001 My Good Will
2001 My Good Will 2
1995 Deadly Affair

Emeka Ike Biography

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