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nkem owoh biography


Looking for Nkem Owoh Biography, real age, family, wife, download his movies plus death rumour that trailed him and so much to know about him.

Nkem Owoh is a veteran Nigerian actor, producer, artist and a comedian popular for Osuofia in London, Chief Daddy and the song I Go Chop Your Dollar, among others.

He received the African Mobie Academy Award for Best Actor in a leading role in 2008.

Nkem Owoh is one of the most popular names in Nollywood thanks to his comical personality.
The actor attended Nsukka for his Primary and Secondary Education. He later proceeded to the University of Ilorin for his tertiary education, completing it at the Institute of Management Technolgy (IMT), Enugu.

Owoh graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After his youth service, Nkem Owoh worked with WACO Engineering but was unfortunately laid off after a year.

This gave him room for radio and television productions. His acting career began way back in his Primary and Secondary school days. That is when he discovered his talent.

He is a born natural when it comes to acting. Nkem Owoh had his first major break in acting when he landed a role in the screen adaptation of the 1987 series, “Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.”

Owoh featured in the 2003 film Osuofia, in London.

He is also famous for performing the song “I Go Chop Your Dollar” about advance fee fraud. The song was featured in the film The Master in which Owoh plays a scammer.

However, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission banned the song.

Nkem Owoh arrested

In 2007, police arrested Nkem Owoh in Amsterdam.

They stormed the venue of a musical performance in which he was taking part. The Dutch law-keepers had been investigating his violation of immigration laws.

He was also investigated for fraud in lotteries for about seven months before he was caught in the middle of Operation Apollo which targeted 419 scam architect.

However, the police released the actor.

In addition, Owoh was banned from fronting unattainable demands. Producers accused him severally of charging excessively high appearance fees.

The Association of Movie Makers and Producers banned him from making unreasonable demands in 2004.

The Nigerian actor was among a list of several Nigerian artists who were prohibited from acting in the country due to their high fees and difficult contract demands.nkem owoh biography

In November 2009, kidnappers took Nkem Owoh hostage while he was traveling in eastern Nigeria.

He was given a ransom of 15 million nairas but his family only managed to raise 1.4 million to secure his release.

Nkem Owoh Age

Owoh celebrates his birthday on every 7th of February. Bearing in mind that the comedian-actor was born in the year 1958 in Udi, Enugu State, Nigeria, Nkem Owoh is 61 years old as of 2019.

Nkem Owoh Family

His parents are from Udi as he was born there but nothing much is known about them. Nkem had an elder sibling by the name: Bartholomew Owoh.

nkem owoh biography

Unfortunately, General Buhari ordered Bartholomew’s execution, along with two other young Nigerians, for the offense of drug trafficking. The firing squad killed the three young Nigerians publicly.

Nkem Owoh Wife

Owoh married Ngozi Nkem Owoh in 1998.

The couple shares two daughters. Ngozi Nkem Owoh prefers to stay away from the public eye hence, not much is known about her apart from her name.

There is a common misconception that Nkem Owoh and Chinwe Owoh are married. According to Nkem Owoh, they are in-laws and not husband and wife.

Nkem Owoh Patience Ozokwor

There have been speculations that the two Nollywood sensations are siblings but our research shows that they are not blood siblings since they come from two different communities that neighbor each other.

Nkem is from Udi village while Patience is from Nkwo village.

They are just communal brother and sister working in the same industry.

Nkem Owoh Biography

They can, however, consider themselves as brother and sister according to the Igbo culture of brotherliness.

Nkem Owoh Movies
» Things Fall Apart
» Ukwa 1
» Ukwa 2
» Big Man…Big Trouble

» Onye-Eze
» Fake Doctor
» Ifeonye Metalu
» Long John

» Police Officer
» Spanner
» Anunuebe
» King of the Forest
Lion Finger
» Mr. Trouble
» Osuofia In London
» Police Recruit
» America Visa

» My Driver
» My Own Share
» Osuofia In London 2
» Spanner Goes to Jail

» Captain
» Lion Heart
» Chief Daddy
» Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

» Foreign Base
» Indemnity
» Made in Cambridge
» The Dreamer

» My Kingdom Come
» The Barrister
» Battle of Indemnity
» Covenant Keeping God

» De prof
» Johnbull & Rosekate
» Persecution
» Stronger Than Pain

» His Holiness
» His Last Action
» Wonderful Man
» Military Zone

» Ghana Must Go
» A Fool at 40
» The Prince

» Bus Driver
» Akanchawa
» The Master

Nkem Owoh Movies Download

You can get Nkem Owoh’s Nollywood movies from Youtube like in the video below or hit this link to watch more of his movies. Another option is to search for the movie you want and watch online.

Nkem Owoh Net Worth

Nkem Owoh is one of the richest & most influential actors in Nigeria.

The comedian-actor has played major roles in more than 200 movies. Owoh generates his income from the music he has released, acting, comedy and producing films.

In addition, the popular Nollywood actor has ventured into other investments that generate him a decent amount of income.

nkem owoh biography

Many legit sources have estimated Nkem Owoh’s net worth at $3.9 to $4 million as of 2019.

List of Nkem Owoh songs.

» I go chop your dollar
» Marry Me
» Mama No Know ‘N’ Pikin Again

» Susana
» This life

» Akalaka
» Agreement

» Know Me When I’m Poor

» Akaram Aka N’ime Jesus (I’m Strong In Jesus)

Nkem Owoh Death

The actor disappeared from the public limelight for a while in December 2008. Rumors began circulating that the actor is dead after a drug overdose just a month after his movie award win.

Another version emerged that he had been convicted somewhere in the Arabian desert for drug trafficking while others said that he had been kidnapped and beheaded in Russia.

Just like other celebrities that people have killed ‘on the internet’, Nkem Owoh had to make a public appearance before the press to dispel the rumors. Read the full gist here

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