Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma Drops Bombshell – I Spent 17 Years In Abusive Marriage

Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma

Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma reveals how the popular actor turned her into a punching bag in their marriage that lasted 17 years, She says Emeka is a chronic liar and a manipulator , very mean, and worse than people think

Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma

I suffered several abuses all the years i stayed in that marriage and i am ready to spill it all now

Suzanne Emma, former wife of Emeka Ike has recounted how she was assaulted in her first marriage She granted an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo where she stated her side of the story Suzanne Emma said she took her child to the hospital and Ike came there to shout and punch her

Suzanne Emma, the former wife of Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has stated her side of the story about the wife battery allegations leveled against the actor. Legit.ng had reported that the actor had denied ever beating his former wife. The actor’s brother also stated that the movie maker was innocent of the allegations against him.    Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma

Granting an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Suzanne narrated how Emeka Ike punched her when she took her child to the hospital for treatment.

Suzanne Emma says they didn’t have money Contrary to the picture painted by the Nollywood actor, Suzanne said they didn’t have money and she had to take her child to the hospital for treatment.

Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma

She was trying to talk to the nurses on duty so that her child could be treated when Ike came and started shouting at her. She added that she had to go car to avoid any form of trouble. Suzanne further stated that Ike followed her and punched her in the jaw while she was in the car. This development is coming after Nollywood actress Shan George defended Suzanne Emma against her colleague Emeka Ike.

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Meanwhile;  My Ex Wife Assault Claim Cost Me Everything, Nollywood legendary actor Emeka Ike Spill it all out in his exclusive interview with channels TV

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike, who had been offscreen for a while, revealed his story in an intimate interview on Channels Television’s “Rubbin’ Minds,” which was hosted by Hero Daniels. The actor talked about a protracted period of fighting depression, marital problems, and a career downturn within the movie industry.  Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma

The actor opened out about the difficult times of his divorce from Suzanne Emma, providing detailed accounts of the arduous process. In 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court dissolved their 14-year marriage due to Emma’s accusations of persistent abuse directed at the actor.

Ike revealed that he was unable to openly answer the charges because to the subsequent online bullying and social media scrutiny, which ultimately caused him to suffer significant financial losses.

Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma

The actor, who was clearly impacted by the consequences, talked about the devastating effects on his life, which included the closure of St. Nicholas College, his secondary school, and a sizable investment worth more than N480 million.

Ike’s tearful story showed the cries of family members who bowed before the judge, hoping against hope that the marriage would be saved.

Emma persisted in getting a divorce despite their best efforts, leaving Ike perplexed and wondering about the psychology behind her choice. The actor also raised the possibility of an outside influence, speculating that his ex-wife may have been forced or tricked into getting a divorce by anonymous people. Emeka Ike Ex Wife Suzanne Emma

The interview clarified the many difficulties, psychological cost, and complexities that surrounded Emeka Ike’s path during this turbulent time in his personal life. Continue reading here

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