Ernest Asuzu Popular Nollywood Actor; collapsed And Died – RIP Legend

ernest asuzu popular nollywood actor dies after fainting, survived wife recount in tears how her husband painfully died in the early hours of today.

What is really happening in the Nollywood industry? Just within a few weeks into 2021, we have recorded about 5 deaths of prominent Nollywood legends.

Reports reaching us today, have also confirmed the Death of a Nollywood Actor.

This actor has been identified by the name Ernest Asuzu and has really caused pain to many of his fans after his departure. Below are some photos of this prominent Nigerian Actor:

It was reported that he lost his life to the cold hands of death after he fainted but never woke up.

He died on Monday and his wife told Nollywood Actor Desmond Elliot to announce this to the public. This is indeed a great loss and should be a lesson to all Nigerians.ernest asuzu popular nollywood actor

Below are Lessons All Nigerians Should Learn as Nollywood Actor Dies After Fainting and Never Woke Up Again:

Always go for medical Checkup: One reason why people slump and die is that they have refused to check on themselves regularly. Your health is so important and should not be toyed with at all.

Don’t wait till you fall sick before going to the hospital. Always go for checkups even if there is no sign of sickness. This will help avoid incidents like this.

ernest asuzu popular nollywood actor

No one knows tomorrow: This man was a prominent movie star but got many surprised after a video of him begging went viral.

Nobody knows tomorrow and that is why no one should be proud. I pray that God will see his wife through this loss. Rest in Peace Asuzu.

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