Highest Paying Job In Canada For International Students| Apply Now

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Highest Paying Job In Canada For International Students| Apply Now

The Highest Salary Paying Job In Canada

1- Ride-Share Driver:

Being a student, The Highest paying job in Canada for International students. You can work as a taxi or ride-share driver to earn money. But being a student it may be hard to have a fancy car or a well-conditioned taxi. But you must have a reliable vehicle, smartphone and to pass a background check to become a ride-share driver.

You will earn the highest paying job more when the city is more. That means, The bigger the city, the better the money. You may earn between $15 to $30 per hour on average.

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The advantage of this job is the time flexibility for students. Besides, you are earning a sound amount in very few hours. Also, it is easier to manage your time for college and study.


If you are an international student, then you must have known your native language. It means you have wonderful potential to have the job of a translator. Being a freelance translator or working part-time in that field can be a good deal to earn extra money.

Also, you can easily get this job in your country’s embassy. You can earn $14 to $55 per hour depending on the customer, time, and place. Also, It is important to notice that for doing this kind of job is necessary to master language and writing skills.


Earning $20 to $40 per hour is an easy task for a waiter. You can approach a café, coffee shop, hotels, resorts, or restaurants and easily get the job. Also, in this job, you may be getting time flexibility which is a great boon for students.

Also, the main source of income being a waiter or a waitress is ‘tip’. The better you serve the customers, the better tip you will be getting. It means being polite and assertive body language is only the skill you must learn to be a waiter.

That is why consider this job and apply to a sound restaurant.

Content Editor

Since you are an international student, you must be good at English. And you are good at English and Grammar, aren’t you? If yes, accurate grammar and good English language confirm your job as a content editor. It is so because content editors are responsible for accurate grammar, spelling.

But what will you be editing? This is what goes in your head, isn’t it?

Well, you will be editing books, magazines, newspaper articles, web articles, AdSense articles, and so on.

You can easily get this job on freelancing websites. With this job, you can easily earn up to $50 – $60. But often, you will earn on a per-project basis.


As you are already good at English and your native language, how about being a writer? A writer in Canada is a very easy job for international students. Freelancing as a writer can earn about $55 per hour.

You can write content for a newspaper, website, magazines, books, and many more. Also, you must have the capability to complete within the deadline. Depending on the task, you must create specific and focused content, but there are subject areas too.


Being an online or offline tutor is a comfortable and convenient task for international students in Canada.

However, you must be an expert in a particular subject to be a tutor.

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A tutor is a good chance to earn $15 to $50 Per Hour. Even you can earn $100 per hour depending on your expertise.

Being a tutor, you can put your abilities in service to help other students, especially kids.

Also, you can be an online tutor. But, being an online tutor can be hard-working, tedious, and less income-generating at the beginning. However, after some time you will earn more up to thousands of dollars.

Fitness Instructor

Being a fitness instructor requires a perfect skill and certification however this may the best way to work for a student. You can work in clients’ homes and part-time in the gym. This helps you to earn as well as elevates your health quality.

The average pay for a personal trainer is $30 per hour. And for in-home personal training sessions, charges can rise to $75-$100 an hour.

Also, you can work in the studios. You can provide videos on YouTube and Instagram live.

Dog Walker

A dog walker is the easiest job on the list. It is an ideal alliance of adaptable hours, having fun with pets, and excellent money.

You may charge $15 – $35 for an hour of a long walk for a single dog. Also, you can take for multiple dogs of neighbors.

You can do his job once a week, four or five times a week.

However, it is important to should check the laws for licensing and insurance in your city, as cops do hand out tickets for infractions. Also, taking care of people’s best friends is a responsible job.


Being a bartender at busy pubs, discos, and restaurants can make you earn a huge amount per week.

The main source of income as a bartender is a tip. Tips help you earn more. At a busy place, if 10 people give you $10 as a tip, then you will earn $100 in a single night. And you add this sum to your salary, you will be earning more than any of the jobs on the list.

A bartender’s salary is about $1000 a week. You can earn this amount by working three times a week.

Web Designer

If you are an expert in photoshop or illustrator, a web designer is a best-suited job for you. As a web designer, you can work as a freelancer, creating designs for enterprises, or discover an internship at a marketing agency. You can earn $20 – $150 per hour. Also, most of the payments come from project basis tasks. From project basis tasks you can also earn about $150 to $200 per project.

The advantage of this task as a freelancer is that you can have flexible working hours. Also, you can build a good online portfolio. CLICK DIRECT APPLY

Highest Paying Job In Canada For International Students – Apply Now

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