Other Interesting Side Of Romantic Journey Of Davido And Chioma Assurance Nobody Has Ever Told You


Nigeria already knows that the singer Davido has found himself a girlfriend, whoM he is ready to do everything for.

Thankfully, she returns his affections and is blown away by his charm. How did Davido and girlfriend meet? Read about Chioma, Davido girlfriend and their blossoming relationship!

Davido, the golden boy of Nigeria

Why exactly does everyone want to know about Davido’s personal life so much?

Maybe this is because he is one of the most talented and well-known singers in the country, who really shows Nigeria in the best light on the international level.

He is also incredibly rich and influential, but one of the main qualities that made Davido so loved among the fans is his irresistible personality and charisma.

This not only helps him to earn recognition among the admirers but also makes it not a problem for him to find a woman who will fall in love with him. The musician is known to have had a lot of romances with gorgeous women in Nigeria and the United States. He even has two children from his affairs

Aurora Imade and Hailey Veronica. Nowadays, it looks like Davido is finally done with playing the field, and wants to settle down and have a long-lasting romance with someone who will love him for his soul. And it looks like he has found such a person!


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Why is Davido’s new girlfriend so special and what makes her different from his previous romances?

You will find out in this article if you scroll down and read their amazing love story.

Davido girlfriend Chioma and their beautiful romance

At the beginning of this year, it became clear that after his former affair came to a dead end, Davido decided to find love again, and he succeeded.

Most of Davido’s relationships were not very public, and the media did not know a lot about them.

There wasn’t a lot of information even about his baby mamas, Sophia Momodu and Amanda from Atlanta.

This time, however, something was different and the fans, as well as the media, instantly picked up on this little detail. After meeting Economics student from Babcock University, Chioma Avril Rowland, Davido decided that he has to let the whole world know how much he loves her.

assurance baby1

He started posting photos with her on social media and going to events with her, and he was not hiding her from the prying eyes of the tabloids. It was very clear that Davido and Chioma are not just a quick fling, but a serious deal.

Besides, Chioma is not entirely a public person – she often posts cooking updates to her Instagram and rarely any personal pictures. She is not the type of person who would flaunt her life in front of the public eye.

Davido buys car for girlfriend

When Davido fell in love with the gorgeous Chioma Rowland, he knew that he should surprise her with the most expensive and luxurious presents to demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions.

For starters, the musician took her on shopping sprees in some of the world’s richest cities – Dubai and Paris.

But this was not all that Davido did for his sweetheart. It turned out that the famous singer bought a super expensive Porsche car just to surprise Chioma. The worth of the car was N45 million.

Of course, Davido’s new love was amazed to receive such a present. Some reports suggested that Chioma decided to leave her higher education at Babcock University to accompany her successful boyfriend on tours.

It was mentioned that her father was extremely dissatisfied with her decision to abandon her education.

However, Chioma denied all the claims and told people to stop talking if they do not know the truth. Still, since Chioma should have graduated two years ago, it is widely assumed that she either skipped a year or two or is currently receiving another education.

assurance baby2


Whatever the truth is, this young woman still has enough time to be Davido’s companion at important events and support him at his concert.

For example, she was backstage at his concert in London and reports said that she was acting very supportive and encouraging towards him.

Davido and Chioma: other gifts and significant moments of their relationship Chioma is definitely someone special.

The musician considers her to be his best friend and can not wait to spend the rest of his life with her, as it was clear from his Instagram captions.

assurance baby3


You can go on Davido Instagram page (@davidoofficial) to see the updates from his career and, of course, his girlfriend pics.

The two often attend parties together. For instance, once they were at the club, and witnesses mentioned that they could not get their eyes off each other and kept giving each other loving gazes.

In general, people who were guests at this party said that Davido and Chioma look like an extremely happy couple. Davido’s intentions are definitely more than serious – he already introduced Chioma to his family.

Davido gave Chioma a great gift for her birthday. He decided to throw the best party ever and rented an expensive nightclub for his girlfriend.

A lot of couple’s friends came to celebrate with them and Davido very actively participated in the party, announcing toasts for Chioma where he indicated how much he loves her.

There is one more present that Davido gave to his new love, and this is the greatest thing a musician can sacrifice to someone.

Davido wrote a song for Chioma, where he sings about his love for her and does not even hesitate to mention her name, so it is obvious that the song is directed at her. The music composition is called “Assurance.”

Apparently, Chioma was delighted by such a surprise. She even appeared in the music video for this song.

“Assurance” is now the theme song of the couple, and this word is the customized plate number of the car that Davido presented to her on her birthday.

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