Had Jonathan Won That 2015 Election; 1 Dollar Would’ve Been 1000 Naira By Now – President Buhari Insists


The Election time is near the corner and everybody is coming up with their different strategies to gain votes from Nigerians

We take a look back to President Buhari’s address few years ago concerning the state of the nation under GEJ compare to the current government under him

Read below the short detail

Now I do not want to imagine the kind of economic humanitarian crisis that would have enveloped Nigeria had Jonathan continued in his usual manner of dipping his hands into the forex reserves; only God saved us as a nation else we would have been standing on long queues by now to receive one cup of rice daily from W.H.O or UN outlets.

Did I just hear you say continuity of those four (4) negative events I just pointed out above?

Are you aware that the FG under Me has not borrowed to pay salaries? It even bailed out the states.

Are you aware the FG has paid off subsidy arrears owed to oil importers even since the days of GEJ?

Are you aware the FG/CBN has been able to maintain virtually the same forex reserve amount that it inherited till date?… Unlike Joanthan that crashed it by $10billion in 7 months of oil price crash?

And now all these have been done when oil sells for less than half of what it was when Goodluck was handing over and you think

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