Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell: Genevieve Nnaji Likes To Withdraw From Every0ne, Always On Her Own

Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell reveals how her super colleague Genevieve Nnaji likes to pull away from people. I don’t know, but she’s always on her own, and you know she’s somebody everyone likes to associate with.

Kate Henshaw, the Nollywood veteran actress, has spoken up about her relationship with colleague, Genevieve Nnaji.

In an interview with media personality Chude, Kate was quizzed about the status of her longstanding friendship with Genevieve.

Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

Kate Henshaw revealed in her response that she and Genevieve have had small disagreements in previous years.

She, however, expressed her concerns about Genevieve’s tendency to pull away from her and their colleagues.

Kate concluded by saying she respected Genevieve and her choices, likening her to American actress Angelina Jolie.

Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

She said, “We’ve had our issues, but not big issues. I have loved her, but sometimes, she pulls away, she pulls away from everybody, and you are like ‘ah, am I smelling?, What have I done, and you wonder. What is happening?Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

“Then we met to shoot a commercial, and before then, we haven’t seen, we haven’t spoken for years. And she was so nice to me. And then she left the set before us and said, ‘Kate I have gone, just want to say goodbye.’ But then, I respect her because despite the fact that she pulls away, I think she is like an Angelina Jolie. She just wants to be on your [her] own.”

Meanwhile, Actress Kate Henshaw reveals her shocking encounter with Davido as she also states why she will never be a fan or listen to OBO SONGS, This is really an eye-opener to those artists who feel too big

Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

In a recent video, Kate Henshaw explained why she does not like DMW label boss Davido. The Nollywood actress described how Davido ignored her at an event, making her feel disrespected. Since then, her remarks about Davido have sparked a variety of responses from online users, many of whom have disparaged her.          Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

In a recent interview with media personality Chude, popular Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw expressed her thoughts about DMW label president David Adeleke Davido, saying that she is not a fan. The video has gone viral and has garnered a lot of attention.

Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

In response to Chude’s question on whether or not she liked the Unavailable singer, Kate described her encounter with Davido at an event. She said that she felt insulted since he failed to greet her, but she also said that she had no personal problems with him.

Watch the video of Kate Henshaw talking about Davido below. Kate also praised Davido for his contributions to society in another footage, praising him for his part in the Hollywood film Coming to America.  Actress Kate Henshaw reveals

As Kate Henshaw talks about Davido, people respond.

kemaara: “All of you saying respect this that . Kate is 52 years old & we are Africans not oyibo people… a little greeting won’t be bad !!! She deserves it ok ! She no be our mate.” mizmaduhair: “I like the fact that she said her mind without the fear of how Nigerians will twist it. ”

hele_ndamsel: “Everyone must not greet u aunty Kate if person no greet u then do” hele_ndamsel: “Yes, respect Is reciprocal; if person no greet u say hi this aunty too like respect Angela okorie also compiled of u telling her she didn’t greet u greeting is not respect.”

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Kate Henshaw Drops Bombshell

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