Ladies Find Out 10 Reasons Why Men Don’t Ask You Out On Dates


Reasons why men don’t ask you out on dates: You may be beautiful, smart, funny or even wife material, but even becoming just a girlfriend is hard. It’s not raining men in your life and your DMs are not lit in any way. You may have all the qualities and wonder why you’re not picking out your options. Instead you have none, and it could be small things you’re doing that are preventing possible love interests from knocking on your door.


Here are 7 reasons why men don’t ask you out on dates;
1. You don’t want them to.

You are happy and content single, so you aren’t exactly interested when a man comes up to you wanting to get to know you better. So you always decline politely or just decline.
2. You get bored easily.

Just the thought of getting to know someone all over again gives you a headache, that’s time and maybe money and you’re just not patient enough. You get bored easily and don’t even reach the ‘going on a date’ part.

3. So you end up blue ticking any potential boyfriends.

4.Maybe not intentionally but you’re not in the mood to strike up a chat with a guy. Sometimes you’re just preoccupied elsewhere.

5. You keep canceling plans you make.

5.You were meant to go on a date that you’ve rescheduled three times in a row and the guy just gave up.

6. You’re more focused on your work.

7.And one way or another, your love life just dwindled. There wasn’t room for both.

8. Men are intimidated by you.

9.Well you are this beautiful, ambitious woman who knows how to handle herself, and sometimes guys may be unsure of how to approach you.

10. You may be a little shy too yourself.

The best way to get a boyfriend is to go out there and find one. However maybe you’re a quiet reserved person who can’t exactly tell when someone is flirting with you. Moreover, you’re shy, and may miss a few hints because of this.

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