Meet Sexy Ghanaian slay queen who become internet sensation for selling fishes (Photos)

slay queen

People have started creating memes and social media is currently buzzing with the photos of a quite sexy Ghanaian slay queen who was photographed allegedly selling fish in a market in Ghana.

One of the photos which has begun serving rounds on social media, shows the lovely lady girl with a tray of fish on her head and in another, she is pictured sitting by what is supposed to be her stand.

Whether this is a photo shoot or an actual representation of her life, it certainly is not everyday you get to see a really looking good young lady – or in other words, a slay queen – in the market, selling goods, as it usually isn’t the norm of the 21st century girl, who’d rather venture into the ‘market’ of fashion, makeup artistry, cosmetology and virtually anything that’ll make you ‘slay’.

While reacting to her photos, someone said “wonder why your husband has taken an interest in going to the market lately? Well, this is the reason”

Checkout the photos below that has got tongues wagging since its emergence,gh1 gh2 gh3 gh4

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