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Looking for Netherlands fully funded scholarship program, especially the The Orange Knowledge Programme 2020?

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The Orange Knowledge Programme aims to contribute to a society’s sustainable and inclusive development. Its scholarships are open to mid-career professionals in specific countries.

Nationals of which countries can apply?

The Orange Knowledge Programme individual scholarships are open to mid-career professionals, who are nationals of – and living and working in – the following countries:Afghanistan ▪ Albania ▪ Armenia ▪ Bangladesh ▪ Benin ▪ Bhutan ▪ Bolivia ▪ Burkina Faso ▪ Burundi ▪ Cambodia ▪ Colombia ▪ Congo (DRC) ▪ Cuba ▪ Egypt ▪ Ethiopia ▪ Georgia ▪ Ghana ▪ Guatemala ▪ Guinea ▪ Indonesia ▪ Jordan ▪ Kenya ▪ Lebanon ▪ Liberia ▪ Mali ▪ Mozambique ▪ Myanmar ▪ Nepal ▪ Nicaragua ▪ Niger ▪ Nigeria ▪ North Macedonia ▪ Pakistan ▪ Palestinian Territories ▪ Peru ▪ Philippines ▪ Rwanda ▪ Senegal ▪ Sierra Leone ▪ Somalia ▪ South Africa ▪ South Sudan ▪ Sri Lanka ▪ Sudan ▪ Suriname ▪ Tanzania ▪ Thailand ▪ Tunisia ▪ Uganda ▪ Vietnam ▪ Yemen ▪ Zambia ▪ Zimbabwe

Please note: The current scholarships application “Round 1” is the last application round in which Indonesia participates. Please look at StuNed as a possible alternative scholarship.

Which courses are available?

Scholarships are available for a selection of:

short courses (duration 2 weeks to 12 months);
master’s programmes (duration 12 – 24 months).

All courses that are eligible for an Orange Knowledge Programme scholarship are listed in Studyfinder. Please search in Studyfinder, using the filter ‘OKP qualified – Yes’.

How can you apply?

You cannot apply online on this website. You need to first select a course and then contact the education institution of your course and ask how to apply for the scholarship.

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You can find a list of courses and institutions that are linked to the Orange Knowledge Programme in Studyfinder, using the filter   – Yes’. You can also find contact details of the institutions there.

What are the criteria?
You cannot apply with us. You need to contact your Dutch education institution. Each institution may have different specific criteria.

For more information on the general eligibility criteria please read:

OKP information for applicants(165 kB)

Please note that there are focus areas for each country. Only applications that fall within the focus area of your country of employment are eligible.

Country focus document Orange Knowledge Programme (220 KB)

Please check the obligations and conditions before you apply:

Obligations for scholarship holders Orange Knowledge Programme

Please check whether your local government requires a government statement:

Government statement requirements – Orange Knowledge Programme

What are the deadlines?

The 3 candidate application rounds for individual scholarships are:

Round 1: 5 February-24 March (all short course and master’s programmes)

Round 2: 13 May-30 June (all short course and master’s programme’s with a 12-month duration)
Round 3: 2 September-13 October (short course only)
What is the selection procedure?
The procedure is as follows:

Netherlands Fully Funded Scholarship

Candidates register with their Dutch education institution
Dutch institution nominates candidates and submits grant application
Embassies check eligibility and assess applications
Selection results published

Grants awarded

The Dutch institution can give you more information on the various steps involved in the application and selection procedures, as well as the eligibility criteria.

You can find contact information for the Dutch institutions on here.

Information for current OKP scholarship holders or graduates

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