Nigerian lady declares All The Assests Devil Reserved For Her In Hell Says – “I have a mansion in hell” (Must Read)


Looking for Nigerian lady declares all the things devil is keeping for him in hell? then search no more as we bring you all the shocking confessions of the said lady.

When it comes to issues relating to religion, heaven and hell, people have different opinions.

The beliefs among people as regards these issues differ. Even those who are of the same religion sometimes have a noticeable variance in their beliefs and thoughts on some major concepts.

For example in Christianity, some believe that there is heaven and hell. On the other hand, others do not as they opine that there is no hell.

Moving on, there is something sparking up a major fire online.

A Nigerian on Twitter has stated something very striking. Ifa Funsho who uses the handle, @funshographix made a post that got tons of attention.

In the post on Twitter, Ifa Funsho stated that she (judging from the profile picture) has a mansion in hell. From her post, she seems so sure that she is going to be in hell.

Ifa Funsho went on to warn believers that follow her and ask her to follow them back.

She stated that they will go to hell with her because God had said in the Bible that they (the believers) should not be yoked together with an unbeliever.nigerian lady declares

She ended the tweet by stating that they can all live peacefully in her mansion.

Ifa Funsho wrote: “In Corinthians 6:14 God said, “do not be yoked together with an unbeliever. But y’all following me here & there. Asking me to follow you back.

For your information, y’all going to hell with me. But never worry.

I have a mansion in hell. We can all live there together in peace & harmony.”

Ifa Funsho is a graphics designer and has some level of influence on the social media platform.

After her tweet, other Nigerians in the comment section saw nothing wrong with joining Ifa Funsho in hell as they replied that they would want to be there.

Below is a screenshot of the comments:nigerian lady declares

nigerian lady declares

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