Nigerians, Does Tinubu Actually Believe He Or Any Other Yoruba Will Become President Again?

lagos group challenges bola tinubu

Tinubu thinks he can get the Presidency by simply supporting Buhari’s re-election. This may be the most stupid thing ever but knowing Tinubu’s over inflated ego and blind ambitions this is more of madness.

But what about the general Yoruba broom wavers, do they think a Fulani man will simply hand power to a Yoruba kafir? Have they forgotten so soon why Boko Haram was activated? Do they honestly think that the northern Muslim bloc will vote Tinubu or any other Yoruba man for that matter where and when the opposition fields a northern Muslim?

I have always said that Tinubu is anything but smart and intelligent. The only thing he has is a solid grasp on how to fool the majority of Yorubas to see his political career advancement- which conveniently makes Tinubu more and more financially richer – as some sort of Yoruba collective advancement.

Can any of you Afonjas kindly explain to me how a Yoruba man can ever become President? Do you think the SS and SE will vote for a Yoruba politician? If you can’t even secure the south, then how can a Yoruba candidate compete against a northern muslim with either a SS or SE VP candidate?

I will prefer that make-believe republic called Odua as a fantasy side topic than for any of you afonjas to start foaming in the mouth over a highly improbable Yoruba president least of which Tinubu come 2023.

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