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online degree scholarships program for every developing country, just as you continue to read through and search for more educative program to engage on our website.

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Again you use our media tour to find colleges that offer distance learning scholarships programs available across the world, field of study or university name on this platform.

Today, we talk about fully funded distance learning scholarships available for scholars in East and Southern African Commonwealth countries to study the MSc in Education for Sustainability at London South Bank University.

What is Distance Learning Scholarships Program?;

And What does the scholarship award cover?

Plus we engage with course fees, tuition, assessment, study guides and readers travel costs and accommodation as you continue to browse through our different scholarship programs

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online degree scholarships program

Distance Learning Scholarships Program:

Scholarship Application Eligibility Criteria

First of all, are you an African Commonwealth citizen working in Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda or Zambia?

And do you have a first degree?

Are you good enough in written English skills for a Masters programme?

Do you involve in the field of education in the broadest terms? e.g. advocacy/ communication / training / teaching / marketing etc?

Are you in a leadership position or one with leadership potential?

Are you committed to making a difference within your workplace and within your country? Just as does

Do you understand the requirements and challenges of a distance learning course?

Do you have regular, reliable and easy access to a computer with email and internet facilities?
Will you be able to attend the Introductory Residential Week in Nairobi?

If you are working, do you have the support of your employer?
Do you have the support of your family?

PS: You cannot be enrolled on another post graduate course during the time of the scholarship.

If these programs accept you, you must commit to:

Setting aside regular time for studying (approx. 15-20 hours per week).

Completing and handing in 4 pieces of coursework per year in time for course deadlines.
Contributing to web discussions and activities.

Attending and contributing to an annual week’s residential in October for 3 years of the course.

If you think you meet all this criteria, then apply for the award directly through the host organization or better still click here to start your scholarship applications today

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