Patapaa’s ‘girlfriend’ sends a strong warning to Fella Makafui and those crushing on him


Xandy Kamel sends a warning to all those crushing on Patapaa in the latest Video
Kumawood actress Xandy Kamel has stated Patapaa is only for her.

According to the actress, all the ladies professing love to the one corner hitmaker should stay away.
Patapaa Amisty aka Patapeezy is undoubtedly the hottest artiste in Ghana at the moment. And that ‘hotness’ has caused most female celebrities crushing on him.

The first to profess her love and interest was Kumawood’s, Xandy Kamel. Speaking in an interview on KOFI TV by then, she offered to give Patapaa a good time.

Going further, the Kumawood actress claimed that looking at Patapaa’s face and waist, he will be better in bed as compared to Kuami Eugene.

Days after, Fella Makafui also came with her proposal. In an Instagram post, Fella confessed crushing on the One Corner hitmaker. She posted;

“I usually don’t do this but can’t hide it anymore?? Meet My Celebrity Crush??…#Pataapeezyyyy for the money ???..”

Then came a Nigerian singer called Guudy who also confessed her love for the artist.

However, in an Instagram post, Xandy sent a warning to all these ladies claiming they are crushing on Patapaa.

“I don’t share the banana I eat with anyone. All the girls coming out to say you love Patapaa, Rest in Perfect Peace. You’re sick right?”, she quizzed.

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