Photos As Gorgeous Ex Beauty Queen, Chikezie Ijeoma Celebrates Her Birthday With Sultry New Look

queen chikezie ijeoma

The Hand Washing Campaigner Queen Chikezie Ijeoma Marks Birthday Today

The young female icon, philanthropist and Ex beauty Queen, her Majesty, Queen Chikezie Ijeoma has been joined by friends in an atmosphere of blissfulness, as she celebrates her birthday today, with a visit to orphanage and exclusive dinner reception tonight.

Her fans, colleagues and relatives have thrown several messages of gratitude at her, stating that the scars of her commitments to humanity will remain a symbol of greatness which will never be erased.

The vibrant Abia born, award winning chap is renowned for her vast intelligence and creative contributions to humanity.

Her strides and achievements cannot be under-emphasized. She has done well enough to have been recognised nationally coupled with the bold step of hosting a National Health Advancement Conference next month.ijeoma ijeoma1 ijeoma2 ijeoma3 ijeoma4

Queen Chikezie Ijeoma is the founder of Help Keep Clean Foundation, a non governmental organisation that has piloted several health/education projects in Nigeria. The NGO was also the brain behind the “hand washing campaign” which was proudly supported by Abia state ministry of health and education.

Speaking with a close friend of the former Miss United World Habitat, as regards her birthday celebration, he says, “as Queen Ijeoma celebrates this remarkable day of her life, many more graceful experience will she encounter, her sincere gestures and charisma are features that sustains her angelic personality. Her Birthday my mentor”, he concluded.

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