President Sacks Aide In 2019 After Testifying In Prophet TB Joshua’s Church Today

TB Joshua was a magician

President Sacks Aide In 2019 just after he went to TB Joshua church to testify, continue reading to find out what he testified about

It has been reported that President of Sierra Leone, Julius Bio,sacked his kingdom chief of protocol (SCOP), Edna Kargbo, over an open testimony she gave at Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

Edna Kargbo had travelled to Nigeria’s SCOAN owned with the aid of famous Nigerian evangelist TB Joshua to testify on how her appointment as the presidential aide has changed her story from living in a single room condo to owning a luxurious house.

President Sacks Aide In 2019

Showing pics of her appointment letter and luxurious residence to a crowd in front of the church, Kargbo thank God for blessing me with this job as SCOP to the president of Sierra Leone, ambassador at large and the advantages that come with it.

If you seem to be closely at this picture you will see my luxurious house God has blessed me with. I was once living in a single room apartment.  President Sacks Aide In 2019

But my story is now different,” she said in a speech, aired by way of Emmanuel TV.

Kargbo obtained a letter that she has been relieved of her duty following the open testimony.

A letter by the Office of the Sierra Leonean President reads,

“The reliable has been relieved of her obligations following a testimony she gave in a Nigerian church. Further administrative investigations will be carried out.”

Also, in a press release on Wednesday, Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (AAC) stated Kargbo is being investigated.

President Sacks Aide In 2019

The AAC stated it would be searching thru her previous asset declarations in line with Sierra Leone’s anti-graft law that requires public officers to declare their property three months into workplace and three months after leaving.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission has opened an legit investigation into the conduct of the reliable and her testimony.

We will also seem at her supply of wealth in acquiring her residence and other properties.”

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President Sacks Aide In 2019

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President Sacks Aide In 2019

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President Sacks Aide In 2019

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