Scary Side Of TB Joshua Surfaces Online: Disturbing Actions, Including Having S3x with Virgin G!rls (Watch)

Scary Side Of TB Joshua

Scary Side Of TB Joshua Surfaces Online is something you will definitely be scared to read or watch. TB Joshua was truly a man with different sides to many people, including those who worship in his synagogue Centre.

TB Joshua, a charismatic and extremely successful preacher and televangelist with a large global following, is accused of committing atrocit!es, including r@pe and forced abort!ons, by dozens of ex-members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, five of whom are British women.

Scary Side Of TB Joshua

The allegations of abuse in a secretive Lagos compound span almost 20 years, and the Synagogue Church of All Nations did not respond to the allegations, claiming that the claims made earlier were unfounded.

There are many women who claim they were s3xually assaulted by Joshua, with some claiming they were r@ped repeatedly for years inside the compound; numerous allegations of forced abort!ons inside the church after the alleged r@pes by Joshua; one woman who claims she had five terminations; and dozens of eyewitness accounts of physical violence or torture carried out by TB Joshua, including instances of child abuse and people being whipped and chained

Scary Side Of TB Joshua

Multiple first-hand accounts describe how Joshua staged his “miracle healings,” which were seen by millions of people worldwide. Rae, a British woman who was one of the victims, was 21 years old when she left Brighton University in 2002 and joined the church.

She spent the next 12 years inside Joshua’s concrete compound in Lagos, which resembled a maze, as one of his so-called “disciples.” “We all thought we were in heaven, but we were in hell, and in hell terrible things happen,” Rae told the BBC reporter.

Rae claims TB Joshua s3xually assau!ted her and subjected her to a form of solitary confinement for two years. The abuse was so severe that Rae repeated attempts at suic!de inside the compound.  Scary Side Of TB Joshua

At least 150 visitors lived with him as disciples inside his compound in Lagos, sometimes for decades. During the 1990s and early 2000s, tens of thousands of pilgrims from Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Africa came to the church in Nigeria to witness Joshua performing “healing miracles.” The Synagogue Church of All Nations [Scoan] has a global following, running a Christian TV channel called Emmanuel TV and social media networks with millions of viewers.    Scary Side Of TB Joshua

More than 25 former ‘disciples’—from the UK, Nigeria, US, South Africa, Ghana, Namibia, and Germany—spoke to the BBC, providing compelling and corroborated testimonies about their experiences within the church, with the most recent experiences occurring in 2019. Many of the victims were in their teens when they joined, and Joshua, working with other UK churches, paid for their transportation to Lagos in some of the British cases.  Scary Side Of TB Joshua

Scary Side Of TB Joshua

Many interviewees, including Rae, likened their experiences to being in a cult. Jessica Kaimu, a Namibian, claims that her ordeal lasted over five years. She claims that Joshua first r@ped her when she was seventeen, and that she had five forced abort!ons as a result of more r@pes by TB Joshua. “These were backdoor-type medical treatments that we were going through… they could have killed us,” she told the BBC.

Scary Side Of TB Joshua

A startling journey into a labyrinth of manipulation and horrifying abuse perpetrated by one of the most powerful religious figures of the twenty-first century, according to other interviewees, who claim they were stripped, beaten with electrical cables and horse whips, and routinely deprived of sleep.  Scary Side Of TB Joshua

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TB Joshua, who rose from poverty to build an evangelical empire that included dozens of political figures, celebrities, and international football players among his associates, was controversial during his lifetime. In 2014, a guesthouse for church pilgrims collapsed, killing at least 116 people.  Scary Side Of TB Joshua

Some of our witnesses in Nigeria claim they were physically attacked and, in one case, shot at after they previously spoke out against the abuse and posted videos containing allegations on YouTube.

This is the first time multiple former church insiders have come forward to speak on the record as a result of the BBC’s investigation, which was conducted in collaboration with the international media platform Open Democracy.

The church’s security fired at a BBC crew that tried to film its Lagos compound from a public street in March 2022, and the crew was detained for several hours. The BBC was contacted by Scoan regarding the allegations in our investigation; it did not reply but refuted earlier claims made against TB Joshua.

Scary Side Of TB Joshua

It stated, “Making unfounded allegations against Prophet TB Joshua is not a new occurrence… None of the allegations were ever substantiated.” Four British citizens who spoke claim that after leaving the church, they reported the abuse to the UK authorities, but nothing more was done in response.

Furthermore, in March 2010, after leaving the church, a British man and his wife sent an email to the British High Commission in Nigeria containing video evidence and eyewitness accounts of their ordeal, including recordings of being held at gunpoint by men posing as police who are also Scoan members.

In the email, the man claimed that Joshua had repeatedly r@ped and s3xually assau!ted his wife, and he warned the commission that other British nationals were still inside the compound, facing atrocities.
He also says no action was taken.  Scary Side Of TB Joshua

The UK Foreign Office did not respond to these claims but told the reporter that it takes all reports of crime, including s3xual assau!t and violence against British nationals overseas, very seriously. Scoan is still going strong today, led by Joshua’s widow, Evelyn, who led a tour of Spain in July 2023.  Scary Side Of TB Joshua

 Anneka, who left Derby, UK, at the age of 17 to join Scoan, said she hopes more action will be taken to uncover Joshua’s actions and believes there are many more victims who have not come forward yet. “I believe the Synagogue Church of All Nations needs a thorough investigation into why this man was able to function for so long the way he did,” Anneka said.

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