Regina Daniels Prince Ned Nwoko New Wife 6 Months Pregnant? Find Out

regina daniels prince ned nwoko new wife 6 months pregnant



You want to know if Regina Daniels Prince Ned Nwoko New Wife 6 months pregnant is true or just mere rum-our?

Then read till till as you show you evidence to support our claim in this lovely article.

Nigerian teenage sensation, Regina Daniels, 18, is purportedly pregnant for her business mogul husband, Prince Ned Nwoko, 60, as indicated by an elite source who revealed this to us this evening.

Regina Daniels in the last few weeks has been in news over her unbelievable marriage with the Nigerian tycoon, Prince Ned Nwoko and from different reports, her flashy online lifestyle is completely supported by Ned Nwoko.

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The Nigerian online space has been about Regina Daniels and her now 60-year-old tycoon husband, Prince Ned Nwoko with the larger part presuming that her marriage for the elderly man depends on cash and nothing looking like love exist between them.

“Regina Daniels Pregnant Romour:

After our intelligent report in an exclusive interview, revealed the source of teen actress, Regina Daniels sudden wealth as well as her eventual secret marriage which is now in the open to Honorable, Prince Ned Nwoko, it became an internet sensation…regina daniels prince ned nwoko new wife 6 months pregnant

However, being the original source of the story, we can again authoritatively say here and now that there is more where that came from.

Regina Daniels Prince Ned Nwoko New Wife 6 Months Pregnant

Speaking to some online media platform! exclusively during the weekend, a family source hinted that 18-year-old Regina Daniels who just got married to her now 60-year-old lover, Ned nwoko is already 6-months gone.

Buttressing further, the source revealed thus, “not only is she pregnant, but for now, Regina Daniels remains Ned Nwoko’s most favorite wife, with unlimited access to his most expensive cars, houses, as well as his private jet which she brandishes all about.

None of Ned’s wives nor concubines are said to have access to his Rolls Royce (valued at over N100 million), his expensive Ferrari, his private jet as well as his latest delivery; a Mercedes Bra-bus with an Abuja number plate, YAB-486 BH except Regina”, squealed our source.

Finally! we also gathered that, ahead of her baby delivery, Mr. Nwoko has also acquired a house for Regina in a yet to be disclosed location in London”.

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