Regina Daniels Reveals Their Son’s Face to the Public (Must See)

regina daniels reveals


Looking for Regina Daniels reveals her son’s face to the public for the first time? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest gist around them and their son’s pictures.

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels and her husband, billionaire politician and businessman, Ned Nwoko have finally introduced their son, Munir, to the world.

In the video, the couple showed off the adorable baby’s face and talked about who the baby looks like.regina daniels reveals

Ned revealed that there has always been a debate on that issue and he is well convinced the baby looks perfectly like him, while his wife grinned and reminded him that the baby took her color which is more satisfying.regina daniels revealsregina daniels reveals

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Looking for Regina Daniels breaks family generational curse by been married to Ned Nwoko? Then search no more as we bring you all the latest gist as regards the popular teenage sensation.

A gossip blog on Instagram with the handle, @cutie_juls, claims that Regina Daniels married 59-year old billionaire, Ned Nwoko, in order to break a generational curse in her family.

According to the page, Regina Daniels’ mother told her to marry Ned Nwoko since she’ll get a brideprice. It says the actress’s grandmother and mother never got a brideprice paid on their heads.

It reads:

After all said and done, do we want to believe that #RitaDaniel is just being greedy or she is simply a scorned woman who wants to break what seem to a generational misfortune?
Put yourself in #RitaDaniel’s shoes, her grandmother had her mother at home with no bride price paid on her head.

Her mother had her at home with no bride price paid on her head. In her own case, she bore 4 children for a man who did not pay her bride price because her mother’s bride price was not paid and the mother could not identify her with the supposed man that fathered she #RitaDaniels.

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