Sad! How 21 Year Old Student Commits Suicide After Taking Cocaine


A 21-year-old veterinary science student has committed suicide after taking cocaine.

The student, Hannah Daibell died in mysterious circumstances with friends and family saying that she showed no signs of wanting to kill herself.

The young lady was found dead in her house in Toxteth, Liverpool, in July this year, hours after taking cocaine, an inquest was told. Moments before her death, she sent a text message.

The message reads:

Whatever you come home to, you did this.

However, the exact meaning of the text message she sent remains unclear. It is believed that she may have been suffering a comedown from the cocaine and may have added to a low mood, depression or anxiety.

Coroner Andre Rebello said:

The texting could mean anything. It would be wrong for me to speculate.

The metabolite [cocaine] may well be that has affected her. Without having taken that she might never have been put in that position.

The Coroner recorded an open verdict adding that Hannah’s death by hanging may have been a “cry for help”.

Andre Rebello added:

The text may have been alerting someone that she wanted them to come and find her. I know how special she was to her family.

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