See How Christians Look At N!de Photos And Videos Of Exposed Ladies (Must See)

doctors warn women

Most of the men and women folks see and hear that they are the children of God Almighty may not be the species never seen before, the New generation of empowered creatures.

I tell you the truth, the world will weep and mourn for rejection of the Spirit of truth and embracing fables and vain deceitfully.

Who do you think is God Almighty??

And what do you make of his own children, His kind and likeness, who do the world say the children of God Almighty’s are?? Stop acting who you are not, that’s our message for reprobates.

Who is a Christian?

A Christian is a disciple of Christ. Now that’s more than Big, we could talk about that the whole of the night,. Christ is the mighty power and wonderful wisdom of God Almighty.

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