See More Photos Of Madonna University Hostels That Are Nothing But ‘Death Traps’ As Students Cries Out

madonna university

Life in Madonna University Nigeria is a life in the jungle. The internally displaced people in the Northeast may be living a higher standard of life than the students of Madonna University.

The environment of Madonna University particularly the hostels are far worse than a boko haram camp. The attention of the management has been drawn to the poor living conditions of the students, but Fr. Edeh and his clueless cabal have no interest in improving the living situation of the students.

He collects huge amounts of money as school fees running into millions just to gather firm for himself. He derives joy in building big churches and gathering Bishops and white people who go to Elele to sing praises to the name of Fr. Edeh.

After singing his praises, he pays them in millions. Those Bishops who are guilty of this fact, cannot deny it.

If Fr. Edeh is your friend and you are a Bishop for God and for humanity, tell your friend the truth.

In most cases he deceives the white people and makes them believe that the students are poor orphans and less privileged he is catering for. Many opinions leaders believe that he collects millions of dollars on accounts of this very deceit from the western world.

The Nigerian Government and NUC are therefore called upon to come to the rescue of Madonna University students. “Our hostels are Death Traps”, students cry.

Three hostels in Okija Campus (St Thomas, OSH and St Peters) are at the verge of collapsing.

NUC should stop collecting bribes from Fr. Edeh and do their job in the interest of young Nigerians who are living like animals in the name of being students of a private University.madonna madonna1 madonna2

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria should stop singing the praises Fr. Edeh and ask him to stop being hypocritical and do the right thing instead of always cutting corners and bribing people men in authority.

NUC should ask him to reduce the number of mentally deranged people who are working in the University especially this current newly recruited uneducated boys from Osisatech polytechnic.


We have never seen where OND holders are made managers of a University except in Madonna.

Nigerians, save Madonna Students.

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