Is A Shame!! Everybody In Nigeria Is A Thief Except Buhari And His Worshippers – Dele Momodu

dele momodu

Media personality, Dele Momodu who over the weekend revealed his conversation with Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has taken a swipe at President Buhari and his supporters.

Dele Momodu who disclosed that supporters of former president Goodluck Jonathan were smarter, called out supporters of President Buhari who according to him believes everybody is a thief except them.

He tweeted;

“The GEJ guys who used to attack us for supporting BUHARI were smarter; they used to argue with number of projects started or completed before abusing us, but these ones are so empty.

“Everybody is a thief except them…”

Dele Momodu in his weekly column, Pendulum, said he had initially omitted Saraki’s name from the list of potential presidential candidates because of his “geographical location of Kwara and his own cultural roots naturally”. Dele Momodu went on to disclose Bukola Saraki’s strategy on how to defeat President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

“Saraki’s roadmap to victory is simple. Buhari is going to play the usual ethnic card that only a candidate from North-West can win a Presidential election in Nigeria,” Momodu wrote.dele1

“He concedes that it may be difficult for any candidate from North-West and North-East to compete or beat Buhari hands down, despite the fact that PDP parades more experienced politicians and competent aspirants. What is then needed is to keep North Central on lockdown with a popular candidate from that zone.

“He believes that it may be a waste of time and resources trying to compete in the President’s traditional enclave other than to strive to get up to 25%. PDP should instead focus on mobilising the forces from the opposite direction and lockdown four out of the six geo-political zones.

“If the PDP presents just anyone, there may be voter apathy and Buhari would coast home to victory. As to where his deputy will come from, it would have to be from the South-East/South-south axis, since he has already covered the South-West, technically.”

Speaking of the corruption accusations against him and how the youth feel about him, Saraki was quoted as saying: “That is my biggest task because they are my catchment group. I know many have been brainwashed and I don’t blame them.

“You know when you tell some lies repeatedly, it becomes the truth to some people. For example, they say I’m the most corrupt man on earth. I have looted Kwara state dry. All cheap but dangerous lies.

What’s the worth of Kwara State that anyone would have billions to steal? I was born into business.”

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