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The SAT is designed to test a student’s aptitude and know-how in three subject areas: reading, writing, and math.

Like the ACT, the SAT is used by means of schools to consider an applicants eligibility for admission.

The higher a student ratings on the SAT the better the risk of getting common to a authentic university or university.

The SAT is composed of 5 sections: Reading, Writing and Language, Math (No Calculator), Math (Calculator), and Essay (optional).

Some high colleges and faculties require college students to entire the Essay component of the test, others do not.

If you’re now not dedicated to taking the Essay component of the test, you’ll prefer to lookup which faculty require candidates to whole the Essay check for admission consideration.

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Just to be safe, we advise preparing for and finishing the essay component of the test.

Below we’ll discover some validated tips, methods and strategies for enhancing your general overall performance on the SAT as properly as your overall performance on individual sections of the SAT.

General SAT Test Taking Strategies
The following are familiar SAT check taking strategies that be applied through the SAT test.

Apply these strategies and strategies on each part in the SAT check and you should see your score improve.

Read section directions before the test.

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Study and assessment the instructions for every SAT part earlier than the test. Use the your take a look at time for the check now not for reading directions.

Answer the questions you comprehend first.

As you go via every section, reply all of the questions you understand the answers to first. Mark all the questions you don’t at once recognize the reply to and return and answer them later.

Eliminate unsuitable answers.

If you’re capable to do away with even on choice for the selection of viable solutions then guess.

Sometimes it’s easier to do away with answers you understand to be flawed than to discover the right answer.

Eliminate all the flawed reply often leads to the right answer.

Be neat.
Don’t be sloppy when filling in the answer grid for student-produced response questions.

Use your check booklet.
Since you’re allowed to write in the test book, pass out solutions you comprehend are wrong and do scratch work.

Avoid stray marks.

Since a desktop scores your test, make sure now not to put any stray marks on your answer sheet.

SAT scoring machines regularly can’t differentiate between a correct reply and an unintended stray mark.

Your first response is generally correct.

Your first response to a query is commonly correct. Don’t alternate an answer except you’re positive you’ve made an error.

There is solely one right answer.

Only pick one reply for each query — as there is only one correct answer. Sometimes it may also seem there is extra than one answer. Select the best answer for every question.

Don’t omit answers–guess.

On older versions of the SAT, you have been penalized for guessing.

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But not anymore.

If you don’t have any idea what the reply then guess.

You’re aren’t penalized for guessing. However, before guessing, usually strive and get rid of at least one wrong answer choice.

Pay attention.

Make sure you’re placing your answers in the correct wide variety house and part on your reply sheet.

It’s effortless to location your reply in the incorrect vicinity if you’re now not paying shut attention.

Budget your time.

Pace yourself! This check is timed.

Only spend a few moments on the easy questions and no greater than a minute or two on the tougher questions.

Don’t overlook that the SAT consists of several small, timed, tests.

Its easy to free music of time so make sure to pay interest to how plenty time is disbursed for every test and how an awful lot time is closing as you proceed thru every section.

Pacing yourself requires practice so practice, practice, practice.

Easy questions first.

A rule of thumb is that effortless questions on the SAT generally precede tougher questions.

Make certain you recognize the question.

Make positive that you utterly understand each query earlier than you answer it.

If you’ve taken a lot of practice tests you’ll be tempted to reply questions you recall from exercise tests.

Make certain to answer the questions being asked and no longer those from exercise tests.

Bring a watch or timer.

Don’t forget about to bring your own stop watch to the trying out center.

There isn’t usually an accurate clock at the trying out center.

Know what to expect on the test.
You need to comprehend the types of questions to expect on the SAT.

There 52 Reading questions (65 minutes), forty four Writing & Language questions (35 minutes), 58 Math questions (80 minutes) and one Essay (50 minutes)

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