This Govt. Have Done Badly; I Only Wish And Pray Nigeria Never Go Through Civil War Again – Gowon


This Govt Have Done Badly I Only Wish And Pray Nigeria Never Go Through Civil War Again – Gowon

Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon has said he prays Nigeria does not go through another Civil War, the former Head of State expressed regret over the numerous problems facing the country in recent times, especially the widespread security challenges and killings which he described as worrisome.

Gowon, who attended a special prayer summit in Yenagoa, said that he had prayed and hoped at the end of the Nigerian Civil War that the country would not go through that path again.

He spoke with journalists shortly after the special church service in Yenagoa on Sunday.

Gowon, Chairman and convener of Nigeria Prays, said the activities of militant groups, the Boko Haram and the killings perpetrated by the ‘so called Fulani herdsmen’ were of serious concern to the leaders, elders and indeed, the citizens.

This Govt. Have Done Badly; I Only Wish And Pray Nigeria Never Go Through Civil War Again – Gowon

He explained that the country’s leaders were having sleepless nights over the acts of brutality and wickedness across the country.

Gowon called on Nigerians to give the requisite support to those in leadership positions in the bid to address the security challenges in the country.

“This is worrisome. When I recall the end of the civil war, I had hoped and prayed that Nigeria would never go through the same experience again.

“This was what I prayed for and you can see how worrying it is.

“All these spate of crises: Is it the militants, is it the Boko Haram, is it the so called Fulani herdsmen?

“All sorts of things that are happening. Man’s inhumanity to man, that is happening through out the length and breath of Nigeria.

“Sadly, it is worrying to all Nigerians, and this is what all of us who are in leadership positions, your governor, and his assistants, as well as all the governors throughout the country.

“All of us who are leaders are concerned about it, and always aim for whatever we can do to put it under control.

“But it is not only the leaders that can do it. They need the press and support of the people so that they can deal with the problem together.

“And this is our prayer; prayer for the everyone in Nigeria and all Nigerians wherever they are. We hope for greater peace than what we have for now,” Gowon said.

This Govt. Have Done Badly; I Only Wish And Pray Nigeria Never Go Through Civil War Again – Gowon

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  1. When they talk, they talk hypocritically. He knows the right word to say, but will never say it. They always Dodge these terms ‘true federalism, devolution of power’. Nigeria is too big and multi-ethnic to be running a central system of government. They will not even by mistake make mention of that. He talks as if he cares for Nigeria. These people only cares about their region, and even in their region they only care about what they can milk out from the masses. I don’t want to go further, it’s too annoying! I want you to reason in through, if these northern leaders cared about their people why have they not been making life easy for them, since they are the majority, in the realm of affairs. They keep looting it all. In the aspect of looting my region is also part of it. I just get disgusted whenever a politician, or public office holders makes speech on the television or radio. I just love reading an article by Woke Soyinka, about how politicians are deliberately suffering the masses so they could use them.

  2. Gowon cannot say “This government have(sic) done badly” This is a distortion. This grammar is incorrect and an a manipulation of Gen. Gowon’s patriotic views.

  3. The only thing that can avert Civil war is Restructuring..
    Another strong factor is the State Police.
    If America can be that vast and with population covering every race can live in peace Nigeria can.
    I wish the National Assembly can expedite in construing the Police Amendment Act.

  4. Mr grammar, hold your grammar for your self, and make use of it for your self all alone, a leader from your own side should come out and say something about the progress,growth and development of this country now @ Mathew face your problem.

  5. Gowon,your sleepless nite have not started.These are what you were blind to see when refuse to stick to the 1967 aburi accord in Ghana for selfish interest.shame….

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